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Europe: 100 Year War [UPDATE]: 12/1/2016 00:47:16

Level 49
Hey, guys-

I'd be surprised if any of you still remeber me, but I used to be active (about a year ago). I had to stop playing due to other problems/priorities, but now I'm thinking of coming back, for two reasons:

1) For years, I was making maps on a Chromebook using It was no replacement for Inkscape, and for that reason, I never finished my major maps. I just upgraded to a decent computer, so I'll be giving Inkscape a try

2) I found some of my old unfinished maps:

The War of the Worlds (didn't get that far with this one)

And of course, my Hundred Years War map:

I'd hate to see them go to waste, so I'm probably going to start working on them again. As some of you may know, the 100 years war map was projected to become the largest one on Warlight, thanks the the India and China side panels. Any suggestions? Which one should I start working on again? Also, any comments on the maps themselves? (I know the War of the Worlds one isn't that good)
Europe: 100 Year War [UPDATE]: 12/1/2016 02:30:12

Level 60
I remember you... 3:

Well, actually, I remember the map. Not you. >_<
Europe: 100 Year War [UPDATE]: 12/1/2016 17:34:47

Level 59
Zach is back, with a mac, for his map, yeah.
Europe: 100 Year War [UPDATE]: 12/2/2016 13:35:09

{Canidae} Kretoma
Level 57
The Hundred Years War map of course! :D
Europe: 100 Year War [UPDATE]: 12/3/2016 00:14:36

Level 49
I'll keep you guys updated:

With Inkscape, it's so much faster! Love it
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