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The last attack ...: 12/3/2016 00:28:09

Level 60
Personal - i am a Fan of FFA Games. I call this - living stategie instead of the very statistic 1v1 calculation games. There is no ladder for FFA and quite often you find only Beginners to join the game.

Sorry about that ... because this games can have much more dynamic than making complicate 1 Unit movements all over the map only to get the last attack.

At least it would be great if Defensiv and Offensiv Kill rate are the same as Standart.

Defensiv is so lousy boring :)
The last attack ...: 12/3/2016 00:45:28

master of desaster 
Level 64
The problem with that is, that on strategic games, whenever a player gets slight advantage, he automatically wins. Might work on ffa, but on even teams it's just a bad idea
The last attack ...: 12/3/2016 16:06:09

Level 60
Do you ever win a strategic game automatically?

It´s the strategic game to build slight Advantages and continue to build them up and there is the possibility of Cards to make some wise "surprise".

Defensiv strategic Elements are often only Elements to spoil a gameflow. Do you like the 1 unit movements? I really hope someone works on a Strategie which makes this unit movements unnessessary.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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