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The AI isn't good: 12/5/2016 02:18:11

Level 56
I was playing a team game and one of the players became an AI and used all of the diplo cards. what the fuck. Can't you make it so that their territory just defaults to another player on the same team? AIs are fucking useless.
The AI isn't good: 12/5/2016 06:44:52

Level 46
The AI isn't good: 12/5/2016 06:50:08

Level 58

WarLight Creator
The AI will never play cards when teamed with a human teammate unless you force it to. It will always assume that "humans know best" and will avoid playing cards at all costs.

The only time it will play cards is if it has to in order to commit. For example, if your team must play a card this turn, and all the humans have already committed orders that didn't play any cards, then it's impossible for the AI to commit orders that don't use a card. In this case, the AI sheepishly says "Well, I don't want to play cards, but I guess since you're making me I'll play something" and tries to do the best it can.
The AI isn't good: 12/6/2016 19:22:36

Sherlock Holmes
Level 55
IF none of the human players take the card, AI has to take it and AI never discards the cards. So if you don't want to let AI use cards, use it at turns where it is needed. AI is good in certain conditions and bad in certain conditions and it is upto the human teammates to create the former conditions and avoid the latter conditions.
While playing also, AI usually tries to grow/expand always, but if you block its way-it will deploy all and fight the opponents.
So, AI is what we make it to do and is neither good, nor bad.
The AI isn't good: 12/6/2016 21:40:33

Level 58
The AI is bad in overlapping bonuses. It will break your bonuses sometimes.

I made a thread a few years ago about this *bug* for the Fall of Jerusalem map.
The AI isn't good: 12/6/2016 22:52:41

Level 60
thread should be in general section. this has nothing to do with programming, just game mechanics.
The AI isn't good: 12/7/2016 05:48:06

Level 60
how are you still alive? didnt i threaten to kick you out of wolves months ago lol
The AI isn't good: 12/8/2016 00:00:46

Level 60
If the AI were any good, clever bastards would take positions from their 1v1 matches, feed it to the AI using custom scenario and copy/paste the AI's moves into the 1v1 match. So, if we want human competitive play to have a meaningful existence, AI can't learn to play this game.
The AI isn't good: 12/8/2016 05:53:27

Level 60
there is a fog...

so you dont know every single one of your opponent's positions :p

(where are the leftovers of 1 armies gonna be?)

but AIs still suck so whatever man whatever
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