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World War 2320: 12/15/2016 00:18:19

Level 25
Okay, I looked at the old thread about this and I still cannot seem to be able to beat the boss. I have looked up strategies videos, but I still cannot pass it. He always follow me when I expand in northern USA and Canada. I have tried to beeline to other places like Europe and Asia but he always comes after me even with out him being adjacent to me. I have tried to get behind him but I can't as he follows me even when I am in a different continent. Please help!

Edited 12/15/2016 00:23:19
World War 2320: 12/15/2016 00:24:16

Level 60
There are several videos on youtube soving you how to do it. (Including mine, quite dull boring one.

The Key point is ALWAYS to NOT fight the boss. Just late attack the territory that it is standing on. It may take a few tires (particularly for gold star) but the level is actually quite beatable.

Just, don't focus on the boss at all. Just clean up after it.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2   

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