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Warlight user warning: 11/12/2011 18:07:07

Level 3

This guy boots our entire team and then doesn't vote to end after 1 turn into the game.
Not suggested to play with.
Warlight user warning: 11/12/2011 18:35:28

Level 37
If the game is over, the link for it?
Warlight user warning: 11/12/2011 18:45:23

Level 3
Sure, how do I?
Warlight user warning: 11/12/2011 18:47:10

Seatide Landon
Level 2
Go to "Settings" and you will find a link to the game. Copy and paste said link to this thread.
Warlight user warning: 11/12/2011 22:30:52

Level 3
Warlight user warning: 11/13/2011 06:51:27

sasha grey
Level 50
anyway you were going to loose
Warlight user warning: 11/13/2011 07:11:43

Level 23
Here is my opinion on this:

- Ravenholm seems to be ok from what I have seen. It appears that they did vote to end as no one mentions them not doing so.
- darken182 is a bit of a gray line. 11 seconds passed from SupraGirl's post to when the boot seems to have occurred. The messages after the boot is what borders on a gray line, where they seems to laugh about it and gloat, though it could have been a joke at the same time, creating a gray line as to making fun of booting someone. Still, it seems that they did do the correct thing of voting to end the game so there is that.
- Optim has his best post as his very first post in my own opinion and it goes downhill from there. The chat log can speak for him if he does not here.

As for what happen, if someone is booted early on, no matter if it was by auto or not, a vote to end game is easily recommended. Until SupraGirl was booted, the game was mostly even, 27 to 25 armies per turn. Afterwards, it becomes 32 to 26 by Turn 6. I believe Vote to End should have been the result.
Posts 1 - 7 of 7   

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