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season auto ends: 1/1/2017 06:10:18

Mike |GG| 
Level 61
season ended
this game is my win, restore points to me
this game is tricky because i made a trap of +4 bonus in north, one more turn would give me win but opponent went vacation to not move, i want my points back here too

according to rules players should do all to finish seasonal games on time otherwise wins will be taken from them, i am using this rules here and now
season auto ends: 1/1/2017 06:33:06

Level 63
Your genius clanmate used auto-end in his favor:

By your logic, shouldn't Timon have gotten his points restored and JV lose the seasonal trophy that never belonged to him in the first place?
season auto ends: 1/1/2017 08:53:46

Mike |GG| 
Level 61
hmmm... quite yes
- downvoted post by Buns157
- downvoted post by Pulsey
season auto ends: 1/1/2017 14:30:37

Level 61
this game is tricky because i made a trap of +4 bonus in north, one more turn would give me win but opponent went vacation to not move, i want my points back here too
I agree that on picks alone you deserved the game much more than me but I never went on vacation so I don't know where you pulling that from?

Edit: you have game links relating to the wrong description.

Edited 1/1/2017 15:39:08
season auto ends: 1/1/2017 15:34:50

Math Wolf 
Level 63
This has been an ongoing problem. I agree with OP, but it's clear he only posts because he has been affected this time. I'm a slow player and I sometimes explicitly ask players of the last games if we can finish them on time and I try to play faster in seasonals towards the end (which isn't all that easy).

However, most top players do exactly the opposite and try to time their moves so they can hold the turn on a position that is to their advantage at the end of the season. This is really frustrating and, as you can imagine, a slow player like me encounters this a lot more than others. I lost points like this in multiple seasons and I probably will again.
No complaints for me specifically for this season, where I was lucky on a coin flip in one game (where I did try to finish but my opponent didn't have the time), but I'm pretty sure it will keep happening if nothing is done about it.

There is a relatively easy fix for it though. Most of the time, it takes several weeks before the next seasons starts. It's very easy to just increase the length of the season, adding 10 to 15 days at the end. Like that, only blatant abuse with vacations is still possible (like most notably alhazi and gui (Voodoo account) both did), which can be easily recognized and punished (as was done with Voodoo). I once asked this to Fizzer, but I think the answer was that he doesn't want people to need to wait for the season to end. I personally don't think those few extra days of wait offset the value or increasing the season though.
season auto ends: 1/1/2017 17:14:04

master of desaster 
Level 64
Well played mike. I wish more fairplay and less stalling for everyone next season but since people are perfectly fine with this behaviour, it won't get better for sure.
season auto ends: 1/1/2017 19:14:38

Level 60
i agree with Math Wolf
season auto ends: 1/2/2017 00:01:58

Master Jz 
Level 61
I agree with adding an extra 10-15 days. If that is still being gamed, change the auto-finish calculation to account for turn speed differences.
season auto ends: 1/2/2017 04:16:35

Level 61
Force finish can be gamed a bit, but it's a pretty good solution. Varying turn speed to manipulate pairings may have more potential to influence a player's final ranking.

Many players ask for RT when they sense they have an advantage and stall when they sense a disadvantage or even a tough game. Points from a win in the short term increases the chance of getting a higher rated player in next pairing. Points lost makes a pairing with a lower rated player more likely.

Intentional slow play in a losing situation is a problem because it denies a better pairing to the winning player. However this is difficult to prove because players may take more time than usual in these situations to search for hard-to-find comeback strategies.

Stalling a losing or close game is hypocritical when you ask for RT when you're winning. However, there's no way to police this. Making seasonals longer for templates producing long games (like the one that just ended) might improve the situation.

Math Wolf and others have the right idea, but adding 10-15 days for small map seasons might be a problem. A similar solution is to set a conditional end date for a season, but then extend it if the total number of unfinished games is above a certain threshold towards the end.

Edited 1/2/2017 04:25:28
season auto ends: 1/2/2017 04:46:15

Level 57
I dunno if this is a good idea, but maybe if each season was a set number of games, and we don't declare an official winner until all games have ended. That way, there are no advantages to playing fast or slow.
obv we would need some sort of condition to avoid someone just stalling indefinitely.
- downvoted post by Scorched Earth
season auto ends: 1/2/2017 22:36:08

Mike |GG| 
Level 61
Scorched Earth normally i do not bother to respond to people who talks what they do not understand coz it's a waste of my time and i don't like to waste time on idiots but i respond quite simple: You obviously do not understand what You are talking about because You don't understand the mechanism of this game.
End of respond. Little explanation : I do understand the mechanism of this game and i tell You this: last couple of turns i used precisely to made my trap in north +4 bonus wich my opponent would try to take in next turn wich i figured out would be a last turn of this game and we missed tgat turn. Most important turn i was working on for couple of earlier turns. It was like game in chess - i give my figure to kill for a great strategy situation for winning a match wich was in this case. Talking stuff like You did makes me looks a bit silly and i am not the person to laugh from. So nexy time think twice before You try to throw shit to people You shitty noob. Yes i am 100% sure i would easily win my last 2 games and this shitty wr season because i am top5 players of this games. Btw thx MoD for good words i saw in comments-where did those dissapered?
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