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Rigging the seasonal ladder: 1/1/2017 09:23:15

Level 56
The rules, boot times are all displayed out there, use them to your advantage.

Lets stop the bitching from butthurts everytime a seasonal ladder ends...
Rigging the seasonal ladder: 1/1/2017 20:41:52 
Level 57
Eh, I don't think tactical stalls should be rewarded.

Maybe refs handing out yellow cards for stalling, and red cards for "professional stalls"?
Rigging the seasonal ladder: 1/1/2017 21:53:34

Level 22
The definition of a "stall" would need to be set in stone, however, and chances are, it can't be. A referee system would never work, because no matter what, there will be bias in the system, and what is believed to be stalling may vary from person to person.
Rigging the seasonal ladder: 1/2/2017 01:05:45 
Level 57
I mean I was partially joking. But my point was that something doesn't have to be a rule set in stone for it to be considered unsportsmanlike. Of course not everything is clear, as with the football/soccer analogy, the ref ultimately has to make calls on limited information.

Anyway, yeah that is subjective. But I think the mentality of ". . .use them [boot times] to your advantage" is not really in the spirit of the game. It makes it sound as if it encourages players to utilize vacations, stalling and boot times to get an edge in games and ladders. Which in my opinion is unsportsmanlike
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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