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Glitch/Bug? Pick order went wrong: 12/30/2013 13:38:46

Level 55
Recently, i played few 1vs1 real time and happened to have wierd things happen in two of my games.

game against ravzwrocka

I picked Norway as the third pick and he picked Norway as the second pick, but i still got Norway.

game against nonsense

I picked Malaysia as my fifth pick and he picked it as his third pick. In the end, i got Malaysia.

Did i understand the pick order wrong or were those just normal?
Glitch/Bug? Pick order went wrong: 12/30/2013 13:54:22

Level 65
Glitch/Bug? Pick order went wrong: 12/30/2013 14:02:03

Level 55
But it went against:
2. WarLight then gives out a territory to each player in order. Each player will get their highest picked territory that isn't already taken.
Glitch/Bug? Pick order went wrong: 12/30/2013 14:10:21

Level 65
Check lower:
Sometimes players think that WarLight distributes all of the 1s, then all of the 2s, etc. This isn't how WarLight works. However, people that think WarLight works this way will sometimes be surprised to see someone get a territory that they ranked lower than someone else who missed it did.

Against nonsense:
You got 1st pick - South America
He got his 1st and second: Antarctica ans Australia
Then your two territories: 2nd pick - Central America and 5th (Indonesia), as your 3rd and 4th are both taken

Edited 12/30/2013 14:10:39
Glitch/Bug? Pick order went wrong: 12/30/2013 14:41:21

Level 58
let's say you are player A and your opponent is player B.

In the game with ravzwrocka the order was BAABBA so you actually got your third pick there cause he already had your second.

The game with nonsense was just the opposite so ABBAAB and that is good with the explanation of krzychu.

So just for if you still don't understand the letters are the players who get their highest left pick on that moment so it can be you get your 5th pick while your opponent gets after that just his 3rd pick
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