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tell me //: 11/16/2011 20:59:30

Level 4
sometimes i seriously get confuse about who played the match with better strategies and tricks.

is one of them , if any one of you having some free time , then be sure to see the game link and tell me who was better ,
the game chat made me even more confused .

tell me //: 11/16/2011 21:11:29

Level 4
don't consider my stats to determine the who is better.
tell me //: 11/16/2011 23:55:41

J Russell Mikkelsen 
Level 4
Nobody cares.
tell me //: 11/17/2011 07:46:41

Level 44
first.. I am shocked Ottarinn only made 5 picks..
it hurt him when his break on E.China hit nothing.. and then he decided to force the issue rather then push further into his 2nd bonus

what I don't understand was his fascination with India as opposed to W.china.. he could of captured a 6 bonus in less turns then it took him to capture a 3 bonus, with slightly more armies expended.. and it would of been relatively easy to hold, as compared to India..

having made that change, I think he would of negated the majority of your bonus breaking power long enough to allow his even more expanded armies/turn to have overcome you in the overall game.. his failed guess at you being in E.Af also hurt him in the long run..
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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