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New Map(s): Finland: 2/16/2010 04:35:44

Level 3
Hello there, I have some time ago released the maps Finland Small and Finland Big.

I made the Big version because a 20 territory map isnt exactly too great, exept for 1v1.

So any comments or mistakes in them?
And are the bonuses high enough? I made them equal to the count of territoes each bonus holds.
New Map(s): Finland: 2/16/2010 07:33:41

Emperor B
Level 30
The bonus labels are not appearing on the map. I know you mentioned that each bonus is equal to the number of territories, but I am lazy and don't want to have to count them each time.
Once the bonus values appear, I will give will play a couple of times and give feedback.
New Map(s): Finland: 2/16/2010 09:13:49

Level 3
Yeah about that. I didnt even place the Bonus labels in the Big map, because some of the teritory bonuses wont appear, because Incscape doesnt support letters like Ä and Ö, it replaces them with _
So im going to have to switch the territory bonuses names.
I think im going to do that sometime today.
New Map(s): Finland: 2/16/2010 16:07:01

Level 3
Ok, Now Updated the map to 1.1. It now has Bonus Links, fixed one connection that was missing and one Unamed territory.

Its currently Pending Public, so I dont know how long it will take for the new version to become aviable.
New Map(s): Finland: 2/25/2010 18:33:22

Level 2
cool work man, it's fun!
New Map(s): Finland: 4/14/2010 01:24:55

Level 7
A few people have noted in some of my games that the 11 bonus in the north is slightly overpowering. Might want to consider lowering it!
Posts 1 - 6 of 6   

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