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Advise against the "Boss": 1/19/2017 06:52:17

Level 9
Just found this website couple weeks ago. I cannot beat the "Boss" on the Someone stole my oil game. I have wiped out every army down to the "Boss". All my attacks and defenses are useless even with 600 armies against it??? I tried early attacks, also, to no avail. Any advise?
Advise against the "Boss": 1/19/2017 08:37:30

Level 58
bosses show how many armies they are worth and you have to kill all of those armies in the same move to eliminate the boss so just save up enough armies to the point you know that you can eliminate the boss in 1 go. I don't know how many armies the boss has but there is no luck involved if i remember correctly so you need to calculate his total amount of armies and do that times then divide that by 60 and then times 100.

N = total armies from boss
N/60*100= needed armies to kill boss

so for example the boss itself is 400 armies and his income is 5 and he has no other armies on his boss then you need to kill 405 armies (400+5 (from income))
so N is 405
that means you need 675 armies attacking to kill the boss in 1 time
Advise against the "Boss": 1/19/2017 18:11:13

The Joey 
Level 56
You need to be pretty aggressive to beat the boss, because his power grows throughout the game. This level took me a while to beat. I ended up beating it in 18 turns (the gold star is 16,) but it took me a number of tries because if the game goes to long you just wont be able to beat him as he gets too strong. Its difficult to expand on this level just because the number of opponents and the number of territories. Thus you need to expand in a deliberate manner that minimizes the number of enemy territories you border and securing those pinch points, otherwise you will be overwhelmed. If I were you I would make a point of expanding east and crippling the first enemy pretty immediately, and go from there.
Advise against the "Boss": 1/19/2017 20:24:37

Level 9
appreciate the replies! Will give it another go.
Advise against the "Boss": 1/28/2017 11:55:45

҈ TeeMee123 ҈
Level 48
there are quite a few threads detailing how to beat him, do a quick google search for it

eh boss, i habe a cansur
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