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Graphics question: 1/19/2017 21:58:46

Level 59
Hi Fizzer,

Have a few questions :

1/ im on a new laptop and I dont see the heart from Glamourous name. Is it coming from my new laptop and any clue how to fix this ?

2/ my new laptop is "mat" screen (as in not glossy), does that explain that colours are different from my previous laptop ? They look like "pastel" now and I like it less.

3/ With Unity will users with iGC be slowed down ? On Twitch it seems graphics are a bit more sophisticated than it is right now.

Edited 1/19/2017 21:58:55
Graphics question: 1/19/2017 22:12:07

Level 62
The heart not showing up would be because of using a different browser. Some browsers support emojis, others don't.

I'd guess that browser or OS that you were using before has different graphics settings with the one that you're currently using.
Graphics question: 1/19/2017 22:23:01

Level 59
Have always used Chrome. Will start up my previous laptop later and find out if I have the same.

Edited 1/19/2017 22:23:21
Graphics question: 1/20/2017 01:38:12

Level 60
Glamorous has many alts with same name, some have the heart, some don't, you sure you're looking at the right one?
Graphics question: 1/20/2017 02:01:14

Level 58
Check your browser somewhere like You could be using an outdated Chrome version.
Graphics question: 1/20/2017 15:17:27

Level 59
I'm talking about Glam's hearted account. I know because I see sn empty square instead of the heart. It's only in game though (example :, on WL pages I can see the heart.

Brand new laptop so Win 10 and just downloaded Chrome so latest version. Can't be that. Your link says I should see all.

Edit : Knyte while you're here, I wanted to ask you if we could have an update on this
@TBest: done (
?? This looks pretty interesting, would be even more with last additions to various clans.

Edited 1/20/2017 15:21:35
Posts 1 - 6 of 6   

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