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Clan League 9 Predictions: 1/29/2017 22:15:26

Level 60
The games are beginning soon. The spreadsheets/spreadshts are filling up, and the tension is high.

Who will take 1st place and 1st loser in the ninth season of the reliable cancer that Warlight Paralympics plagiarized off of?

Will Lotto Clan League still be next?

Why is ME WR back as a template? Why isn't ME SR back as a template? Why is Q a letter of the alphabet? Why is Kyu a syllable of the alphabet? What will Blitz do without their Giant Carry? Will MASTER'S overpowered substitution roster be the secret to winning CL9?

How will Math Wolf win all of the 1v1s for the Statisticians? How will clans entirely new to CL who have never played before such as Outlaws fare? Which clans will be promoted and relegated?

All these questions will hopefully be answered, in... places.

Meanwhile let's make some predictions.

Edited 1/30/2017 00:14:26
Clan League 9 Predictions: 1/29/2017 22:20:27

Level 59
Level 60

we're gonna hijack clan league

post on this thread so we can bury glamerous' prediction thread

Clan League 9 Predictions: 1/29/2017 22:22:03

Level 55
first off let's get this straight that CL9 is said as Cline, not Seehelnine - just as CL8 was Cleight.
Clan League 9 Predictions: 1/29/2017 22:28:00

Level 60
Poon Squad will win this thanks to strategic mind of Bayern Munchen is the best and all clans in div A and B getting hijacked by Semice.

Edited 1/29/2017 22:28:48
Clan League 9 Predictions: 1/29/2017 23:49:29

Level 58
this is more plagiarised than your maps !
Clan League 9 Predictions: 1/30/2017 00:28:21

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
so what's gonna happen is darklords gonna come in with a late roster they gonna have the best new players we evea seen. then they gonna do so good in every game that they get put in a extra slot in Div. A. then them suckas gonna do so good in A that they gonna create a whole new division called everyone against DarkLords where everyone trys to beat Darklords.

but that's just what i heard.
Clan League 9 Predictions: 1/30/2017 02:30:56

Level 58
Masters - Relegation. Nowhere near as strong as people think. MoD playing African Elitism is really worrying, I think he may struggle to win a game. The addition of Timinator to the roster is also questionable, this noob only holds 4/5 ladder trophies. Why Masters even bother recruiting people who don't have all 5 is beyond me.

Lynx - Relegation. After just escaping relegation last season ( a mere 73 points away) don't expect the warlight gods to be so kind this year. Semice playing Phobia is the one positive I can see, in a roster otherwise stacked with terrible players, I expect others will fall into the trap of making 5 or even 6 picks, all the dexterous strategists will know however that 3 picks is the way to go here.

Turtles - 5th place. Really like their roster, they have some fantastic players in the team games, unfortunately, they really drop away in the 1v1s. Buns157 to go 1-5 in AE with his only win coming against MoD (just like in seasonal lol), in all seriousness not Buns' best template he couldn't even beat some random noob from Blitz in seasonal.

Outlaws - 4th place. Hard to see them making any sort of impact with their best players, Rikku and Dr Love playing for TJC. From what I gather they are new to this whole Clan League concept, and beginners luck should see them through to 4th. I expect bigger and better things from 101st (*Outlaws, whoops) in CL10.

One - 3rd place. Led by our glorious CL organiser Beren expect this clan to make a splash in CL9. I'm predicting Muli to sweep African Elitism and Guiroma 2v2 his tidy dashboard will give him a massive advantage in both these games (seriously though, download Muli's userscript it will change your life. This is not an ad).

French - 2nd place. The Frenchies led by MoD (*Phaeril) will put in a dominant performance all the way to 2nd this year. Watch out for Maréchal Lannes, duc de Montebello in Strat Greece, Wikipedia tells me "he was one of Napoleon's most daring and talented generals. Napoleon once commented on Lannes: 'I found him a pygmy and left him a giant'. A personal friend of the emperor, he was allowed to address him with the familiar 'tu', as opposed to the formal 'vous'," if that doesn't intimidate all you Strat Greece guys then I don't know what will.

Blitz - 1st place. Blitz has a great roster this year and an even better cheersquad with so many dropping out. Moral support is usually what wins these CL games and Blitz have that in abundance. Blitz also have a secret weapon in Timon who despite saying he will boycott CL9 is actually planning on making all our picks in the Blitz clan chat.

** Please note I am biased towards Blitz however I did not allow my bias to influence my predictions.

Edited 1/30/2017 03:10:37
Clan League 9 Predictions: 1/30/2017 02:42:20

(((Tabby Juggernaut)))
Level 53
I hope Lynx win Div A and Miezekatze Hunters win Div B.
Clan League 9 Predictions: 1/30/2017 02:49:17

Level 55
+1 MightySpeck, the truth is hard to accept for some, though.
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