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Map analysis - Runescape: 1/30/2017 09:56:50

Master Poof 
Level 41
Considering this map:

I What are optimal picks for 1v1? Why?
II How are these picks best countered? why?
III What are the best picks for larger FFA games? Why?
IV How are these best countered?
V In which positions are abandon-cards best utilized?
VI Is it a good idea to aim for negative territories to the west and "gift" them to your opponent?
VII What bonuses should be avoided like the plague?
VIII Are large bonuses that have massive values worth it if you are relatively safe?
IX Should one at all take megabonuses into account when picking?
Map analysis - Runescape: 1/31/2017 00:33:14

Master Turtle 
Level 61
Druid Circle is the best territory on the map. It is the only bonus that is 1 territory for 1 army. Its not overpowered but its good.

VI: No it is not because if you gift it to your opponent then they can gift it right back and then its just a gifting war and not something worth spending time on.

Your questions are about how to play in general I don't think they are map specific. This thread caught my attention because I uesed to play warlight. I would reccomend adding a Wilderness to it and I can help test it or make a template for it but for now I need to go.
I hope anything I said was helpful.
Map analysis - Runescape: 1/31/2017 01:48:12

The Joey 
Level 56
Hey Master Turtle,

You say that you 'used to play Warlight,' which implies that you don't anymore. If that is true, why are you still hanging around this forum?
Map analysis - Runescape: 2/3/2017 06:33:42

Master Turtle 
Level 61
Sorry I typed that up from the mobile app. (As I am this post too). I meant to say that "I used to play Runescape"

I've been playing Warlight for years and don't have plans to quit playing it in the next 3 years or so...
Map analysis - Runescape: 2/3/2017 17:29:07

Master Poof 
Level 41
Well, next time there is a testing game, I'll invite you then. ;)
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