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Suggestion: map rating.: 11/30/2011 17:35:51

Level 49
I've got an idea to really make WarLight a better game. Every time you play a map you haven't played before, you can like or dislike that map! You can postpone your decision to the next time you play it if you aren´t sure yet. That number will be calculated into a map overall score, and maps with very low scores could be deleted, or first the owner of those maps could be noted. And in the map screen you can sort them by rating. There are hundreds of things to do with these ratings!
Suggestion: map rating.: 11/30/2011 17:44:11

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Not a bad idea.

However, after seeing the amount of work that goes into creating maps I would be against the idea of outright deleting them. Any negative vote should require a reasoning be given/selected and that feedback sent to the map designer along with the low-score warning. Would give them an opportunity to improve the design and/or incorporate the recommendations into future designs.
Suggestion: map rating.: 11/30/2011 17:57:16

Level 50
I made a uservoice about that a while ago, a map rating and commenting system. You guys should vote for it if you like the idea
Suggestion: map rating.: 11/30/2011 18:27:38

Level 56
I'm all in for a rating system, but don't agree on the deleting part. Even if the majority of people doesn't like a map, it doesn't mean that **no one** likes it, and no one plays it.
Suggestion: map rating.: 11/30/2011 18:51:41

Monsenhor Chacina 
Level 5
Knoebber, i had not seen your uservoice post; i voted for it right now...
Suggestion: map rating.: 11/30/2011 19:32:46

Level 49
Okay, I meant that the owner would be noted that their map score is low, and advised to adjust it for whatever reasons it´s a bad map. But, forget the map deleting if you want, the rating is all I wanted, the rest is optional.

Sorry, I spend my points a while ago, and for so far I got none back =(
Suggestion: map rating.: 11/30/2011 22:38:00

Sarge in Arms
Level 2
What is the link to the voting for it?
Posts 1 - 7 of 7   

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