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**Programmer Needed** !Cash! !Best Design Wins!: 12/1/2011 00:51:40

ChibiJapan [眩い但し活発な]
Level 2
Recently I have made a chat-room on a website for my guild to hang-out on, it gets the job done but it isnt as great as it should be, I want to upgrade the chatroom by late-Feburary 2012, but I want my chatroom to be original and unique, not some unoriginal crap. I will pay around $20 to whoever can provide best design
Heres what I need in details:
3.Cool Emotiocons
4. Banning
*5. I need a system that has a room where only *specific* users are allowed and a room where everyone is welcome
*6. A minigame, it can be very simple such as pong, or pacman
*7. A !small! space for adds to generate a small amount of revenue
*8. A professional look

If all the star objectives are met and regs I will probably pay more like$30-50

**Programmer Needed** !Cash! !Best Design Wins!: 12/1/2011 01:28:47

Monsenhor Chacina 
Level 5
as they say in the united states, 'thanks for sharing', 'good for you', and 'i don't care'.
your post has nothing to do in this website.
**Programmer Needed** !Cash! !Best Design Wins!: 12/1/2011 01:30:37

Level 9
this is a lot of work for just $30-50. I could work minimum wage for 8 hours and get that amount. doing this takes way more than 8 hours I would say.
**Programmer Needed** !Cash! !Best Design Wins!: 12/1/2011 01:45:18

Hannibal Barca
Level 2
$20 would MAYBE be a half hour of my time. Maybe.
**Programmer Needed** !Cash! !Best Design Wins!: 12/1/2011 01:57:09

ChibiJapan [眩い但し活発な]
Level 2
I honestly really dont excpect a Cram de Cram chatroom, i just want something unique, not 25c crap, so if anyone happens to have a chatroom sitting on their computer,when I get to see it I'll name you a price, so I dont expect all the things in the list, I just want something unique and like I said, If you happen to have a chat sitting on your computer ill name u a price ^^
**Programmer Needed** !Cash! !Best Design Wins!: 12/1/2011 01:58:58

Level 44
you are willing to spend 20-50$ on a chat room for your guild, but not 30$ to support an indie gamer so the chat room can keep it's purpose...
**Programmer Needed** !Cash! !Best Design Wins!: 12/1/2011 02:34:19

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
It's 'creme de la creme'... (direct translation: cream of the cream)
**Programmer Needed** !Cash! !Best Design Wins!: 12/1/2011 02:37:44

Level 2
It appears from the ad that your website doesn't even have a database. If that's the case this would actually be a very large job, as there are many behind the scenes scripts involved in running a database. Perhaps you should consider a free site like since they provide that sort of service.
**Programmer Needed** !Cash! !Best Design Wins!: 12/1/2011 16:06:22

Matma Rex 
Level 3
No self-respecting programmer would ever take place in a "contest" like this where he is not guaranteed to get money. You also include nondescriptive demands like "original" and "professional look", which everyone will read as "I can reject your work if I'm in the mood".

Also, according to your decription, you do not want a programmer; you want a programmer, a designer, and a sysadmin too (unless you have a hosting space already and you're going to upload everything there and configure it yourelf).

Also, the minimal wage in the US is $7.25 per hours. Your "$20 objective" is easily a few hours work if one starts from nothing, your "$50 objective" is a few hours more. And bear in mind we're talking minimum wage here, once again no one is going to work for that money when you've spent many years learning and practising.

Advice for you - use some free chatrooms (or just IRC), ask someone for a favor to install them (that's an hour or work, I guess), or create something that resembles a job posting a little bit more.
**Programmer Needed** !Cash! !Best Design Wins!: 12/1/2011 17:15:13

Level 55
for our clan/guild/established list of players known as [20]:

i will pay roughly $15.99 for a programmer who can do some of the following things for us:

1. create a website (you pay for it if it is not free)
2. create a new game that can build ad revenue for me
3. something indie, not undies, and not suit-and-tie professional
#4. i want rooms with peepholes that unlock beautiful vistas of naked breasts, long legs and slender yet juicy (as the sweatpants proclaim) figures
*5. i want a non-peephole room filled with overweight and unattractive slobs, male and female, doing nothing but eat greasy foods without napkins while they change their underwear for all to see
6. a small space for brett favre and congressman weener to post images to their liking
*7. create a system that lets us know what players are currently using (as if it is a drug) warlight, which players are using warlight and using another drug, which players are using warlight and watching porn (i have a suspicion that many do this, especially sasha grey), and which players are using warlight when they should be doing homework, spending time with a wife or gf, or just doing something more important with their lives

# = i will not pay you extra but i will let you watch
* = i might consider paying $13.67 to $38.43 more if you make these happen
**Programmer Needed** !Cash! !Best Design Wins!: 12/1/2011 17:15:50

Level 9
**Programmer Needed** !Cash! !Best Design Wins!: 12/1/2011 21:41:52

Level 44
I second Yuan's request...
I won't pay for it, but I will give good vibes in your general direction
**Programmer Needed** !Cash! !Best Design Wins!: 12/2/2011 01:42:47

Level 54
Yuanshai I'll go halves with you on that, put me down for seven bucks and some change
**Programmer Needed** !Cash! !Best Design Wins!: 12/2/2011 04:34:48

Level 50
Hey Chibi, I'm pleased to announce that I have completed the project, I'll be taking my 50$ now. Sorry if its a problem that its in python.... [Awesome chat program](
**Programmer Needed** !Cash! !Best Design Wins!: 12/2/2011 06:52:34

Level 9
best program written, ever
**Programmer Needed** !Cash! !Best Design Wins!: 12/2/2011 07:47:10

Level 23
Good job goes out to Chibi for creating this topic to begin with, Yuan for the great ideas, and Knoebber for creating that program.

Note to Chibi, listen to what the others say about the database. You will need one.
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