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Auto Game Frustration: 12/1/2011 01:27:46

Level 3
So I've been playing a lot of the Double Earth FFA Auto Game, which I like very much since you never know how the game will play out. However, many of the games end up with players who just disappear. I've had games where 2 people surrender right after distribution, others where 2 people have surrendered or stopped taking turns within the first five turns and worse, ones where someone goes kamikaze mode into another player, then surrenders because they didn't drop a single troop onto their borders with the other two. My most ?interesting? one was myself getting 2v1'd for having about a 5 army/turn lead (other two were around 30), during which I got terribly beaten obviously, which continued until I was in last with #1 having almost double my armies, then the #2 surrenders the instant #1 attacks him.

But enough with the raging.

If anyone has a much-loved template for a 3-6 player FFA, or just general tips for settings and maps, please post them here.

Thanks in advance.
Auto Game Frustration: 12/1/2011 05:03:19

Level 3
I've had good luck with just using the autogame settings but with a 10 percent boot filter. Takes a bit longer to fill but its worth it in the long run.

Also sounds like you're going to want to turn pm off. It won't prevent all 2v1 scenarios but it will cut down on them.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2   

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