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Order of blockade cards: 2/9/2017 19:02:17

Level 60
From the documentation etc it's clear blockade cards are executed after all the other player's movement orders.

If more than one player issues a blockade card on a turn, how is the order determined?

This is relevant to gameplay in the case where multiple player blockade adjacent territories. A player loses visibility after a blockade and won't see subsequent blockades (unless they control another territory adjacent to those blockades). However, the player of the subsequent blockades does see all earlier blockades.
Order of blockade cards: 2/9/2017 21:21:15

Level 59
should be same order as the play order (which is also reflected on the deployment order btw)
Order of blockade cards: 2/9/2017 21:59:19

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60
So if Player A has a bunch of turns more than Player B, and they blockade adjacent territories, then Player B would get the next "Turn" to play the blockade card, then A, otherwise, if they have the exact same number of orders, then it would go to whomever would get the next attack/transfer?
Order of blockade cards: 2/9/2017 22:20:48

Level 61
No, you can't count together moves and blockades. All the moves are played, then all the blockades.
They follow the same order, that's it. If the move order says A has first move, then the blockade order says A has first blockade.

An example:
Turn 11, Beren has the 1st move, like on all odd turns. So he also gets the 1st blockade. Then I get the 2nd and 3rd, then he gets the 4th and 5th, etc.

Edited 2/9/2017 22:21:04
Order of blockade cards: 2/9/2017 22:32:34

Level 57
+1 for thinking of this

I experimented with this recently - I can confirm what Rakleader says: moves and blockades are separate (just like with deploys and moves), and that blockade order is A BB AA BB etc.

(This thread should be in Strategy imo.)

Edited 2/9/2017 22:33:29
Order of blockade cards: 2/10/2017 00:30:48

Level 60
Thanks for the responses. This seems to be an extremely rare situation, but knowing the mechanics involved could make the difference in a close game.

I observed it happen in a random order game the same way Rakleader and Quicksilver describe: the blockade order mirrored the deployment and move orders.

However, it would still be nice to get confirmation from someone who's seen the code. It's not likely, but it could be a coincidence that the blockades have mirrored the other orders in the 3 examples we have:) The documentation on blockades does not specify the mechanics.
Order of blockade cards: 2/10/2017 00:39:46

Level 57
simple -

check multiple cases -> I checked like 6 or 7, and they all turned out the same way;

plus, whenever I use this tactic I'm also indirectly checking;

so I have very high confidence in this


It's useful for Georgia Army Cap.

Edited 2/10/2017 00:40:47
Order of blockade cards: 2/10/2017 00:44:18

Level 60
Here's a recent thread on deployment order:

+1 to motd pointing out that the rabbit hole is even deeper than you think ...

So blockades are the bottom. Thanks quicksand and mod!:)
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