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WW2023: 2/9/2017 21:48:27

Level 10

Edited 2/10/2017 20:26:25
WW2023: 2/10/2017 03:33:43

Level 60
Report (aka, you can google or use the search forum function. Plenty of forum threads/ YT vids and stuff on the boss.)
For multiplayer, maybe this will help you out?

bunch of guides here too
WW2023: 2/10/2017 12:30:23

Level 58
It is helpfull if you see him going to Europe instead toward you (you can restart game if the game goes wrong). But, important thing is that you surround boss with 3-4 units on each location (or more if there are more units behind) and attack him as last moves. Thus, he will not be able to have more income, and you can focus on other parts of the map. Don't expand in his direction, he will come to you in few turns.

However, if you don't have at least 15-20 income when you meet him, it is better to start again.
WW2023: 2/10/2017 17:26:29

Level 10
im not sure what everyone else is getting but nothing fucking works. i did what you said and i lose my guys and in place is a god damn 17 army. this is just fucking bull shit. he only stays in NA and is tracking ME!!!! seriously and no git gud is not my fucking problem his tracking is fucking darks souls fucked bloodborn and had a steroid loving fuck child.
WW2023: 2/10/2017 17:37:02

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
32 1v1 multiplayer games, 1 win.

The problem is definitely 'git gud'
WW2023: 2/10/2017 20:20:22

Level 10
oh yeah git gud with fucking playing against people who have been playing for god knows how long oh wait there are newbie games oh wait nvm you fucking cocksuckers take over this fucking shit so people who are trying to get better cant so shut the fuck up
Posts 1 - 6 of 6   

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