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Booting when already Surrendered: 12/2/2011 17:22:43

Level 23
Its very annoying to know you a re losing, so you surrender, but then because 1 person doesnt accpet and another person gets bored of waiting you get booted.... I think when you have surrendered a booting should not count in your "booted" stats....
Booting when already Surrendered: 12/2/2011 17:29:59

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
It specifically says that when you surrender, you accept that you should continue to play as normal until it is accepted. Its that little box many ignore when surrendering.

If you don't want to be stuck in this situation, play games where surrenders are automatically accepted.
Booting when already Surrendered: 12/2/2011 17:55:52

Level 49
I think the default setting should be that surrenders are accepted automatically, because I don't really see the point of this option, and many people don't even take a look at the settings when creating a game, or don't even know it can be adjusted.
Booting when already Surrendered: 12/2/2011 18:18:38

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
I dunno, I can see arguments for both cases.

Forcing everyone to accept the surrender will reduce the impact of duplicitous players joining a team game and immediately surrendering. Of course, they can always just wait to be booted then but that makes it harder to legit join games with the higher boot rate.
Booting when already Surrendered: 12/2/2011 19:20:24

Level 2
I disagree, I think people that do not play a lot get bored with a game too easily and surrender before the game is really over, especially in team fog games. A premature surrender can really kill a game.
Booting when already Surrendered: 12/2/2011 19:20:27

Level 38
It is especially important in any game that's not 1v1. Your team might want you to keep playing. In FFA, you play a role in other players strategies by denying your section of the map. Sadly the role that you play is not always to be supreme ruler and in team games it is not your decision alone when the game is lost.

In games where surrenders are not automatically accepted you agree to play that role unless EVERYBODY is OK with you not playing it anymore. We have the boot count to identify players who routinely violate that agreement.

If you do not want to make the agreement you shouldn't play games where it is implicitly required. If you don't care about breaking it you should be identified.

As far as it being the default there are quite a few tradeoffs. I personally perfer to have that agreement as the default.

Something that would make sense is that in an n vs n game, once everyone on your team has accepted your surrender you should be free. In 1v1 for instance its stupid to have to wait for the other person to accept. In 4v4 if everyone on your team accepts but one jerk on the other team doesn't, then you should be free. In 2v2v2 however you do have a responsibility to everyone else playing.
Posts 1 - 6 of 6   

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