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WarLight Design Update?: 1/11/2014 11:11:01

Level 35
WarLight 2.03, a new design?
Do not think I don't like the WarLight design, it is great anyway.
But look at Google:

Even if the previous design was good, the new one is even better.

Even though I like this design:

I think this one should be changed:

Maybe just a little like the current original Google Design, or even like my version (of course without green):

Wich approximately leads to:

(Except for the font, I didn't find the right one)
WarLight Design Update?: 1/11/2014 18:14:23

Level 57

WarLight Creator
I totally agree that many areas of WarLight could use a design update, such as the buttons you show.

However, in regards to this image:

I'm not sure the new is better than the old. I get that "flat" is the current fad, but I'm not convinced this is a fad that's going to last. I suspect that eventually the whole "flat" thing will fade and we'll go back to showing depth.

With WarLight, I don't want to chase fads. It's not worth spending time updating something if I'm just going to have to change it again later.
WarLight Design Update?: 1/11/2014 18:47:26

Level 35
You're right, changing the whole site design is a loss of time, because changing once may engage you to change it more often.
But I still think some parts of the site need changes.
Another thing that could be updated, but then, without chase fads, is the profile pictures system, because
  • You can't add a picture with transparency
  • You can't keep a high quality
  • Pictures that aren't squares are distorted in forums, mails..
  • A picture never fits that blue square (maniac me), and there's always a blue shadow.

I don't expect any changes, as for the general design, I just think it should be updated too. Also, I never created a game, I never had to manage a such important website, so I may be wrong, or I may want too much.
WarLight Design Update?: 1/11/2014 19:04:58

Level 60
cosmetic changes don't matter to me. They neither add or subtract from my experience. I prefer functional changes:

Like reworking the top level menus (i would like to see tournaments pulled outside the multiplayer menu, so you do not have to load all games before going to tournament page).

I would like to see more filters for tournaments too (there are user voice items for this)

The history button on app fixed

Tournaments, dashboard and mail added to app menu (i have to use puffin browser to do them all on tablet)

Official clan ranking system (not total points, but a ladder or some other system).

Ability to administer clan forums (we do not use ours because you cannot delete, merge, etc threads)

Ability to administer mailbox (again, deleting threads would be nice, or inviting someone to an existing conversation).

Fizzer has made some great changes lately that add functional enhancements. If he has time to work on the site, I would much rather see more of that then cosmetic things. Frankly, he can outsource cosmetic stuff to players anyway (there are plenty of skilled graphics people on here I am sure).

Edited 1/11/2014 19:06:46
WarLight Design Update?: 1/11/2014 19:14:21

Level 35
I entirely agree with all of thi, but I'm sure Fizzer is alread working on it.
About clan ranking I think something like:
  • where x the average of point
  • and y the number of players
could fit, either a system with ladder/tournament.
I know that cosmetics changes aren't important, in this thread I just expressed some ideas.
WarLight Design Update?: 1/11/2014 20:18:50

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
All I want out of Warlight is to be able to link territories, be able to select bonuses when creating a custom scenario, and access forums on my Kindle and IOS apps.
WarLight Design Update?: 1/11/2014 20:32:46

[WM] แต€แดดแดฑ๐“•๐“ป๐“ฒ๐“ญ๐“ฐ๐“ฎ 
Level 59
pragmaphile - seriously??? NUMBER OF PLAYERS??? it's counterproductive and it will be very biased. Imho the NUMBER of players should NOT matter at all.. why do you think a clan consisting of a 1000 average players should come up higher than any of the proficient clans? that's pure absurd! if you want to rank clans - you cannot base it on quantity above quality
WarLight Design Update?: 1/11/2014 22:24:53

Level 35
I know, but then a clan of a single player who's lvl50 would be the 1st..
WarLight Design Update?: 1/11/2014 23:12:06

Level 60
Then just put a minimum on it. Or apply other math (there are ways of doing that). Number of players is silly and results in clans spamming everyone with invites
WarLight Design Update?: 1/11/2014 23:19:46

Master Miyagi • apex 
Level 59
Ranking system should be this

x=total points
y=total players in clan
WarLight Design Update?: 1/12/2014 01:04:12

[WM] แต€แดดแดฑ๐“•๐“ป๐“ฒ๐“ญ๐“ฐ๐“ฎ 
Level 59
miyagi's ranking system is better than the current one for sure, but to make it proper, it would have to include statistics of wins/losses against people from other clans.

Besides - why do we continue this off-topic? This thread is about eye-candy upgrade of warlight..
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