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"Random" move order. FML.: 12/3/2011 14:14:18

Level 8
The worst burn I ever had. Check out turn 15 of this game. Won in the end tho :)

We alternate the first few attacks and then 8 consecutive attacks by me followed by 10 consecutive attacks by the opponent.
"Random" move order. FML.: 12/3/2011 14:23:44

Level 60
Order delay card... :)
"Random" move order. FML.: 12/3/2011 14:28:03

Level 8
Ugh! You're right! Has nothing to do with the Random move order.
All this time I've been playing warlight and I assumed that the delay card only delays your attacks by one attack. Terrible.
"Random" move order. FML.: 12/3/2011 17:34:39

Level 45
Your style (I only watched turn 15) reminds me a lot of the way the AI plays: attack all neighbouring territories, with all your armies divided equally among all attacks.

But, did you really need all those attacks? If you would have only attacked two or three territories, you could've used a lot more armies for each attack. I mean, your real goal was to deny your opponent the West Russia, Central Russia and Caucasus bonuses, right? So, don't use all your armies to attack (the remaining ones stay in Ufa; defence is stronger than offence, so you should prefer that). Then use approximately one third of your armies (either by calculation or by using the "by percentage" advanced option) to attack one territory in Central Russia and another attack (now use 50%; it's calculated against the current number of troops, so the ones that attack CR don't count any more) to the Caucasus.

Because you have two choices in Central Russia and three choices in the Caucasus, it's difficult for your opponent to defend against; he has no idea which territories to reinforce, so he has to reinforce all of them a little (and get overrun) or reinforce one and hope he guesses correctly.

Note, it might be advantageous to also attack another territory in West Russia; since you have three options, that could be safer than letting your armies stay in Ufa and risk an all-out, focused attack. Going for Moscow is even riskier; since that borders on Scandinavia (and Europe, I didn't work out if you could reasonably have known your opponent didn't occupy all of that). That would allow you to break even more bonuses next turn. Therefore, your opponent might expect that attack, guess correctly and reinforce exactly the one territory you're going to attack.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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