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Strategic Guide to Strategic Greece: 2/18/2017 23:32:33

Level 60

let us know what you think of the video, is there anything we could have done better?

also feel free to share in this thread invaluable strategic information on how to play Strategic Greece template and/or include your example games with specific questions.

Edited 2/18/2017 23:33:04
Strategic Guide to Strategic Greece: 2/26/2017 23:43:20

The Joey 
Level 56
I like it! I really appreciate being able to see what some of the better minds in Warlight think about these maps. What do you think about picking certain bonuses just so you are almost immediately able to reach many areas on the map? For example how much of an advantage would it be to able to control Sporades, so that you are within two turns of threatening at least 10 other bonuses?
Strategic Guide to Strategic Greece: 2/27/2017 01:55:34

Level 60
it depends a lot on the layout of the wastelands, how likely it is for your opponent to pick there and how easy it would be to break them. generally speaking coverage is usually quite essential. but on greece specifically it can be quite better to cluster pick 3 or 4 picks if you can make an area completely safe, and have the 5th on a strategic location to counter your opponent's income. it can backfire if you can't manage to get the area completely safe, so it needs to be accomplished in areas where it's unlikely the opponent will place any of their top 3 or 4 picks. most people seem to go for first turn fast income on safe first turn bonuses. with so many picks, it's likely you'll be bordering your opponent early on, so you want income immediately to either expand or defend your position chokepoints.
Strategic Guide to Strategic Greece: 2/27/2017 18:26:53

Level 61
Today there was an epic matchup on this template on the RT ladder. Mifran vs Buns157.

This game might deserve a review video by itself. The distribution is interesting: there's only 1 safe ftb (not counting 1-bonuses) and neither player went for it.

Each player had an ambush pick on the other's ftb 2-bonus, but neither tried the ambush!!! They both suspected the other would counter the ambush, even though neither had intel on the ambush!

So each player took an ftb 2-bonus with no ambush defense and didn't try for an ambush that would have been successful XD
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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