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Exporting data from game play: 2/20/2017 21:13:11

Sultaness Saleh 
Level 1
I work as a Data Scientist at the University of Pennsylvania. I'd love to do some research based on my warlight games. To do this it would be very helpful to export map data as a graph, with countries as vertices and edges based on which countries are next to each other/can attack each other. Anyone have any idea if this is possible, and how it could be done?
Exporting data from game play: 2/20/2017 21:20:34

Level 60
WarLight has an API actually. SO if you get a Memberhip and know programming it is possible to do I believe.
Not an easy task, and lots of work I would imagine. But you said you where a Data Scientist so go ahead :D

Oh, and the API makes it possible to quarry ladder games and tournaments too.
Exporting data from game play: 2/20/2017 21:54:15

Sultaness Saleh 
Level 1
Great to know about the API, thanks! And no, I wasn't talking about a specific game... just planning for the future.
Exporting data from game play: 2/20/2017 23:14:13

Level 58
You can use the query game API endpoint (passing in a parameter that lets you retrieve the entire game history). You'll have enough information to represent maps as graphs (with territories are vertices) and track player movements through them.

If you're working in Python, I wrote a quick wrapper library for the API a while ago:

It does take some time to scrape large numbers of games, though, but then again so do most worthwhile things in data science.

Good luck!

Also, it might be cool to scrape 1v1 ladder games (using the getGameIDs function; keep in mind that the template used on the ladder has changed over time). I bet you might get some interesting information on player behavior out of them, maybe by running some clustering algorithms to detect pick combinations that go together.

EDIT: Another idea, but this might take a while: query the x most recent WL games (just iterating through game IDs and only accepting real, finished games) and using a clustering algorithm, identify Warlight's "social networks" based on who plays with whom. This would make for some pretty amazing dataviz tbh.

Edited 2/20/2017 23:46:46
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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