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Warlight stabbed me big time: 3/4/2017 05:43:26

Level 41

I would like to express my opinion here and I know nothing will be done but I want to get my point across here. Today I have been warned because a player named Edgy Turtle reported me for foul behavior. I find this such an insult since I have been working hard days long to make nice templates, to add a value to this community and people are actually liking them too.

Since Warlight straight out warned me before asking the whole story let me it explain it to you. I was simply minding my business a host when this one Edgy Turtle appeared in my games, he kept on criticizing my games which is totally fine IF only he did it in a polite manner. Calling me "dumb" "shithost" and all CONSTANTLY trying to provoke me and insult me. He really triggered me there that I admit and I am sorry fot falling into the traps of such horrible people. I even let this Edgy Turtle in my games and played well with him!

The fact that I get straight up warned like this is a real bad feeling and Im really thinking about leaving the community.

Edited 3/4/2017 05:48:06
Warlight stabbed me big time: 3/4/2017 05:50:00

Level 27
Warnings don't actually mean anything. I got warned for saying "being this stupid takes skill"
Warlight stabbed me big time: 3/4/2017 05:54:21

Level 41
Perhaps Im just exaggerating about this. And warnings dont really matter. But its horrible the moment when you play a game well and try to improve relations with the person you had a fight with earlier, then that person goes out reporting you and the whole story gets left out.
Warlight stabbed me big time: 3/4/2017 06:06:57

Level 58

WarLight Creator
Hey Darknax,

I am sorry you feel bad about the warning. But understand that is just a warning to let you know that using the type of language you used is not acceptable on WarLight. I took a look at what you said and I agree with the warning -- those kind of profane insults are not welcome here.

I understand that perhaps the other player was saying mean things to you first. However, this doesn't give you the right to break the rules. The rules apply all the time, there is no "they started it" exemption.

Instead, you should report the player and ignore them. Use the blacklist if you need to avoid reading what they say in the future. Don't engage with them at all. This way they get warned instead of you. Stooping to someone else's level is just as bad as the person who instigated it.

Also if you didn't report them, it's never too late. Open up the game and report them. See
Warlight stabbed me big time: 3/4/2017 06:09:00

Level 41
Okay thank you. I will.
Warlight stabbed me big time: 3/4/2017 06:10:59

Level 59
EDIT: Sniped by Fizzer. GG

Edited 3/4/2017 06:12:18
Warlight stabbed me big time: 3/4/2017 06:42:10

Level 41
I have noticed that it was Hannibal smith that reported me and not edgy turtle. I d like to apologize for the misunderstanding. I have reported Hannibal for his own foul actions too.
Warlight stabbed me big time: 3/5/2017 00:51:51

Level 60
report, blacklist and move on. nothing to gain wasting time trading insults.
Warlight stabbed me big time: 3/5/2017 02:00:28

Level 56
Warlight stabbed me big time: 3/5/2017 06:12:07

Level 60

Edited 3/5/2017 06:12:24
Warlight stabbed me big time: 3/5/2017 06:12:42

Level 54
Sneaks off and reports almost every user I have met on Warlight as most have directed foul language towards someone.
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Warlight stabbed me big time: 3/6/2017 18:51:14

Phoenix Wright 
Level 54
People need to know how to handle assholes better.

What I do is I say something truthful and then I leave. If they get the last word, let them have it. Usually I tell them (on my last response) that I won't read the bullshit they respond with anyway. :P

NEVER give them an excuse to report you. That's just letting them find a way to take advantage of the situation. Tell them they have problems (which they do if they're wasting so much time insulting you), BL them and move on.

Edited 3/6/2017 18:53:18
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