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Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 04:43:29

Castle Bravo
Level 56
(remove) Bane
(remove) Benjamin628
(remove) Clint Eastwood
(remove) Domogoto201
(remove) Dublin Warrior
(remove) First Ranger Black
(remove) Lord Veil
(remove) Major General Smedley Butler
(remove) Sephiroth
(remove) Simi the Lunatic
(remove) The Glorious Koala
(remove) TheBarber
(remove) Tractorboy47
(remove) WarriorofSparta
(remove) [TR-808]
(remove) Жұқтыру
(remove) فيصل - 1416

Note that I blacklist people who blacklist me. Some Marxists on here like XAPY and MGSB but most of them are people I rubbed elbows with over petty issues.
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 04:46:13

Level 22
(remove) (((Tabby Juggernaut)))
(remove) Fizzer
(remove) Radoverlord
(remove) Taggy the Autistic Virgin
(remove) Wesoły Ulrich
(remove) [FEL] The Best
(remove) [FEL] The Prince of Felidia

Here "Fizzer" isn't actually that Fizzer. Instead he is anonym's alt.
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 04:47:25

The Lord
Level 55
(remove) Henry1212
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 05:04:46

Level 55
better start reading Marx

(remove) #LetsgoIslanders!
(remove) #The Prussian Job-Oh yeah, baby...
(remove) -
(remove) 5th Reich
(remove) 88Deutschland88
(remove) Adolf Hitler
(remove) Adolf Hitler
(remove) Adolf Hitler
(remove) Adolf hitler
(remove) AdolfStalin
(remove) Andreas Bäck
(remove) Andreas Triantos
(remove) Austin
(remove) BBanYairIYCC
(remove) Bayern München is the best!
(remove) Benei
(remove) Blackie Lawless
(remove) Blue Dream
(remove) Bob
(remove) Bonne equipe
(remove) Boyjoe
(remove) Broseph Stalin
(remove) Brown Pride
(remove) CRISTIAN
(remove) Cacao
(remove) Capitaine Moussaillon
(remove) Castle Bravo
(remove) Ceaser Augustus Pius III
(remove) ChangeME
(remove) ChangeMe
(remove) Color of Urine
(remove) ColorGrayHam
(remove) Comrade Mario
(remove) DG96
(remove) Daenerys Targaryen
(remove) Darth Stalin
(remove) Demon
(remove) Derrick
(remove) Des {TJC}
(remove) Diplomatic Immunity
(remove) Efe the Turk
(remove) Egroege Mik
(remove) Empire of Great Life
(remove) Family-Friendly Name
(remove) Femaelstrom
(remove) Finn
(remove) Francisco El Español
(remove) Franklin D. Roosevelt
(remove) GZA
(remove) GandalfBengtsson
(remove) Garrison
(remove) GeneralPE
(remove) GenghisHitler
(remove) Hammburggler
(remove) Hitler
(remove) Hitler
(remove) Hitleris
(remove) IAMGAY
(remove) INFAMOUs
(remove) ISIS
(remove) Ibrahim Al Hashem
(remove) Ion Antonescu
(remove) Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
(remove) JS0223
(remove) JasonBlake
(remove) Je ne suis pas Karl Goldberg
(remove) Jera
(remove) Jesus
(remove) Johnan
(remove) Jonathan The Destroyer
(remove) Jonathon
(remove) Josef Stalin/Servant to the Reichsfuhrer
(remove) KJ or is it Kyle
(remove) Kelly
(remove) King C******* V
(remove) King Elias
(remove) King James III
(remove) KingCrab
(remove) LaZa
(remove) Leonardo DiCaprio
(remove) Lightning
(remove) Logmay
(remove) Lui Calibre
(remove) Luki
(remove) Matt Collins 👽👾💵
(remove) Mr. PopLockandDropIt
(remove) MrMoffinator
(remove) Napoleon Capone
(remove) Nattravnen
(remove) Nazi Germany
(remove) NaziChrist
(remove) Okabe Rintarou ( AKA Hououin Kyouma)
(remove) Ormling
(remove) Padmé Hentaimala
(remove) Panzer1805
(remove) Paugers
(remove) Pinklove
(remove) Pooncrew
(remove) Queen Nicola Sturgeon SNP (formerly Nigel farage)
(remove) RandyRamPlaysiPadPro
(remove) Red Menace
(remove) Resh Mant
(remove) Ricky Norris
(remove) RobGodkin
(remove) Rugger86
(remove) SamuelLovesNazism
(remove) Saruman the Wise
(remove) Seal
(remove) Serbiaaaa
(remove) Sergeant Major Lillie is Kitty
(remove) Shini LL of the H
(remove) Sir William The Third
(remove) Sl3nd3r_0912
(remove) Spenglerian Traditionalist
(remove) SqueakyPiggy2
(remove) Strongest Bloke in Newcastle Gym
(remove) Strongest bloke in Manchester
(remove) SwagFag
(remove) The Anti-Pope
(remove) The Doctor
(remove) The Dog
(remove) The Lone Wolf
(remove) The Mad Japanese
(remove) The Third Reich
(remove) The best thing ever is not a Jew
(remove) The color of coffee is really nice.
(remove) The color of coffee is really nice.
(remove) Todd Gee
(remove) Trump
(remove) Tsar Михаил I.
(remove) Tsukiyama Shuu
(remove) Tyrion Lannister
(remove) VladmirStalin
(remove) Vuk
(remove) Wally Balls
(remove) William the Hunter
(remove) [HYPE] AnimeFreak
(remove) [MD] Ion Antonescu
(remove) [UN] Alias
(remove) [Wolf] {F} Kellen the Conquerer
(remove) albow
(remove) aquaticmoose
(remove) ass
(remove) berdan131
(remove) bert humpledink
(remove) biglslater
(remove) brian52
(remove) coffee is a nice color.
(remove) coolij
(remove) djxlswag
(remove) haripota
(remove) imtouchofthebest
(remove) jasandnas
(remove) jeffmaunus
(remove) kdog236751
(remove) leonlp12
(remove) mcbitter
(remove) misiatylord
(remove) mntnrder
(remove) nupogodi
(remove) orestisman
(remove) pat
(remove) player23
(remove) president putin
(remove) sims_sidy
(remove) skourby
(remove) xatzis
(remove) yohomeboi
(remove) {BM} - Deathcomesfast
(remove) Бақытты Жұқтыру
(remove) Қорқынышты Жұқтыру
(remove) ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ
(remove) 💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨
(remove) 🔳HALO97🔲
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 05:33:44

Level 46
mainly just mr. squiggles

(remove) 100 % ANTI ADRIAN WACO !!
(remove) Adam Weishaupt
(remove) Blacklisting doesn't work on me.
(remove) Blacklisting doesn't work on me...
(remove) I Am a Player.
(remove) I CAN SPAM EASILY...
(remove) I LIKE CHICKEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(remove) I love coffee.
(remove) I'M A DANGEROUS STRATEGIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(remove) I'M A STRATEGIC ATTACKER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(remove) I'M A STRATEGIST !!!!!!!!!!
(remove) Rikku
(remove) The color of coffee is nice.
(remove) Wally Balls
(remove) anti waco
(remove) coffee color is nice.
(remove) efd
(remove) i am an attacker !!
(remove) ilovecats
(remove) ilovecats, and i love coffee.
(remove) la3ib
(remove) player23
(remove) pm6t
(remove) skilledplayer
(remove) strategic player 153
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 06:18:30

Marigold Sunshine 
Level 59
(remove) Remove Kebab
(remove) Wally Balls
(remove) Жұқтыру

Edited 3/5/2017 06:20:42
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 06:28:58

Empire of Kilos
Level 32
(remove) -Double Negative-
(remove) A conundrum is something I know about.............
(remove) Alexander
(remove) Arash Lawi
(remove) Arashix
(remove) Brown Pride
(remove) Dara
(remove) Daraush
(remove) Diosdelmambo
(remove) Epicman
(remove) FRURURUR
(remove) Generic Tampon
(remove) Metsavend (Forest Brother)
(remove) Milad
(remove) MoneyMorris06
(remove) Napoleon
(remove) NiggerLover
(remove) Olvedn
(remove) Randy Boose
(remove) ReichOfKenny
(remove) TheNess
(remove) Thiago Alexander Alanis
(remove) Viso Gero £ Sēkmēs.
(remove) _The_Warlord_
(remove) iamegnirc
(remove) iiConquererV
(remove) playerkjnde
(remove) {UN}Hannibal Smith
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 07:00:52

Wally Balls 
Level 58
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 07:28:26

Clint Eastwood 
Level 59
(remove) ¢яαzу мαη тнє ριηк
(remove) ♦ Drizzy Drake ♦
(remove) Aaron Lloyd Emerson
(remove) Aschipapa
(remove) Ashraf
(remove) Atheism is Unstoppable
(remove) Buddy
(remove) Caesar Panda I
(remove) Castle Bravo
(remove) Citroën
(remove) Cronus
(remove) Cryptic
(remove) Demon
(remove) Destroyah10
(remove) Doivid
(remove) Edgar Allan Poe
(remove) Fionnlagh the Panda
(remove) I Am a Player.
(remove) Je ne suis pas Karl Goldberg
(remove) Jonas Løberg Skår
(remove) Jonathon Wirth
(remove) Joseph The Third
(remove) Knights Templar
(remove) Kontour
(remove) LtCorbis
(remove) Lunareyluna
(remove) Méche Blanche
(remove) Mad Bomber
(remove) Maxwell
(remove) Meh
(remove) Platinum
(remove) Remove Kebab
(remove) RobGodkin
(remove) SimoneC94
(remove) SupremeMeme
(remove) TheBoyGamersFAN
(remove) U.S.S.R
(remove) Wally Balls
(remove) Wensink
(remove) WingedTincan
(remove) Wolf'd
(remove) XTZ
(remove) Zeka
(remove) ctrexrhino
(remove) dangerock
(remove) dayoff
(remove) dicktator
(remove) iliadaset
(remove) ilovecats
(remove) jjdoublekk
(remove) marej987
(remove) michael bakkie
(remove) natto
(remove) player
(remove) player
(remove) rowdent vermein
(remove) Жұқтыру
(remove) فيصل - 1416

Don't even remember why I blacklisted Castle Bravo to begin with, but I see the feelings are mutual.
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 07:45:31

Level 56
Taggy, why am I on your blacklist?

(remove) Alexi
(remove) Anglo
(remove) ArkNologia
(remove) ArmyBox1
(remove) Aron
(remove) Arthur K01
(remove) Belgian Gentleman
(remove) ChangedByAdmin
(remove) Chaos Lord Ender
(remove) DJ Khaled
(remove) Daniel
(remove) Deadlyfly
(remove) Dherac
(remove) Erebus
(remove) Erik Calligaro
(remove) Fissel The Adduti
(remove) Fizzer
(remove) Fléche
(remove) GeorgeWKush
(remove) Ghost632
(remove) Hannah
(remove) Hera (EW)
(remove) Iaepetus
(remove) JannikYukuu
(remove) JasonBlake
(remove) Je ne suis pas Karl Goldberg
(remove) JulesEatsBabies
(remove) Julie
(remove) Khristi Pantokrator
(remove) Killface
(remove) Kontour
(remove) LordKowalski
(remove) Méche Blanche
(remove) Masher
(remove) Matthew The Great
(remove) Moustaki
(remove) Nazgrael
(remove) Nutter
(remove) Pascounet BoubaMastão
(remove) Phakh Gokhn
(remove) Preston Greig
(remove) PunyHuman
(remove) Rolex
(remove) SSJPlays
(remove) Semper Sapientia
(remove) Shawn Shultz
(remove) Slammers15
(remove) Sleepybear
(remove) Slippin Jimmy
(remove) Spenglerian Traditionalist
(remove) StarfareZ
(remove) Suleiman the Magneficent
(remove) Swatbad
(remove) The Guy is Alt-Right
(remove) The National Socialist
(remove) The Shimazu Clan
(remove) ThomasV
(remove) Tomas Gomez
(remove) Võ Nguyên Giáp
(remove) V3lardy
(remove) WallsLikeTrump
(remove) Wiseguy.PL
(remove) YoloHooplahSwag
(remove) [CDLM] Legendär Herr Kæn (Anime Tiddy Expert)
(remove) [FEL]Chatul
(remove) [WL] ASW
(remove) bob
(remove) coldman101
(remove) doglover
(remove) hank
(remove) joHexi
(remove) majaws
(remove) nickbenatar
(remove) player
(remove) rowdent vermein
(remove) scar
(remove) vegeta
(remove) vicvega
(remove) warzoo
(remove) فيصل - 1416
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 10:40:00

Level 62
(((Tabby Juggernaut))) -
(AOE) Manchester United -
100 % ANTI ONOMA94 !!!! -
1416 -
90 \(ºº)/ -
Al (Was: Fizzer) -
Analyst -
Arbitrator -
Archdruid -
Artem Overin -
Belarusian Gentleman -
Belgian Gentleman -
Bishop -
Blacklisting doesn't work on me. -
Cat Jubbernaught -
Catman -
Cumbürper -
Dan D -
Darklordio -
Dexterous Strategist -
Domex -
Don Francisco de Belvis -
Donald Trump -
Emperor_MMC {TBC} -
Empire of Kilos -
Empire's Destruction -
Error -
Fissel The Adduti -
Fissel The Adduti -
Fissel The Adduti - 1416 -
Fissel The Adduti - 1416 -
Fissel aka 1416 aka anonym -
Fizzer -
Fizzer -
Fizzer -
Fizzer -
Fizzer -
Fizzer -
Fizzer -
Fizzer -
Fizzer -
Fizzer -
Fizzer 3 -
Fizzer's Forum Functionary -
Fraxinus -
Gibbo -
H-to-the-O-V -
I'M A NEW ATTACKER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -
Irish Nation -
Isthobz -
It's official, I Love Coffee. -
Je ne suis pas Karl Goldberg -
KK2nd BFD -
Karen Eagon -
Karl The Kike Killing /k/ommando -
Kaskim -
Kitler -
LeQuébécois_Benoit -
Legionista21 -
Level Five Laser Lotus -
Lubbock -
Luna {TJC} -
Mr. Slippyfist -
My Name is Reek -
Name is anonym -
Nynwhen -
OnlyThePie -
Onoma94 -
PanagiotisTheGreekFreak -
Paugers -
Peixoto -
Pink Panther -
Player -
Pulsey -
Riveath -
RobGodkin -
Schiedsrichter -
SeaCucumber24 -
Semicedevine -
SirSalty -
SkanderbergReborn -
Slabthekiller -
Soup1132 -
Spenglerian Traditionalist -
Tajik on LSD -
The Chosen Koala -
Tony Levin -
Ultra -
Undarivik -
Uru-salem -
Zelma Smith -
Zephyrum -
[FEL] The Prince of Felidia -
[NL] Pendler -
[WL] Colonel Harthacanute -
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuwvxyz -
an attacker -
clerison -
dickinbutt6969 -
edsc1 -
hgfcfdsx - -
i am an attacker !! -
iFapTwoHanded -
ilovecats -
improls -
iukyjhgf -
kijuhykk -
krifdns -
lessif -
lirkeowq -
lkrieloopewwwx -
name is anonym -
name is anonym -
name is anonym -
nctf -
player -
player -
player -
player -
player -
player12345 -
player23 -
playerkjnde -
playerrr -
poijlk -
potrloj -
pplqoei -
qkzkfkzkwlsh1 -
qweds -
regdf -
victoreos -
wqasdc -
wwqqaakk -
zażółć gęślą jaźń -
Жұқтыру -
فيصل - 1416 -
فيصل - 1416 -
فيصل - 1416 -
☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕ -
☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕ -
ㅤ -
ㅤ -
ㅤ -
ㅤ -
💨 💨 💨 💨 💨 💨 💨 💨 💨 💨 💨 💨 💨 💨 💨 💨 💨 -
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 -
🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 -
🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 -

Edited 3/5/2017 13:10:57
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 10:45:45

Level 51
(remove) Ðavid Epiphone Agahanov
(remove) <[The E.V.I.L]> {vaders fist}
(remove) ACG
(remove) Achilles2121
(remove) Bart
(remove) Blacklisting has no effect on me.
(remove) Dark.Side
(remove) Dion van Die
(remove) Dodgers
(remove) El Presidente
(remove) F1N3T1
(remove) Felix
(remove) General DRazz
(remove) Gregorius Nekschot
(remove) Justas
(remove) Logic
(remove) Mazing
(remove) OhioPoopsOnURface
(remove) Paartario
(remove) Peter
(remove) Potato
(remove) Rick Madcox
(remove) Sammy134
(remove) Sevatar {Crimson Hands}
(remove) Vadne29
(remove) Yuri Santos
(remove) [MD] Ion Antonescu
(remove) abthejudge
(remove) arnoe
(remove) borislavujo
(remove) brilliantx
(remove) emrygt
(remove) jesus christ
(remove) kapajohn
(remove) konstantinua00
(remove) mihai
(remove) mr.Fanstastic
(remove) proble
(remove) sehallett20
(remove) siwy
(remove) Дмитрий Дронов

I don't even remember who the hell are these people, let alone the blacklist reason.
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 11:23:48

Level 61
Could someone explain to me he point of blacklisting someone? I mean other than if someone such as Squiggles is spamming your mail box what benefit does it provide?
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 11:28:48

Marigold Sunshine 
Level 59
when you're butthurt and easily triggered (usually the people with big blacklists)

I blackslisted Remove Kebab because we were in a lot of games and every lottery game, he would start with some dumb question or phrase to try to get a conversation going yet he is completely unable to actually hold a conversation once it starts and just looks dumb. you must really have no friends and nobody to talk to if you try to start a conversation in every game you play.

i only blocked him so i dont have to see his messages ingame because hes annoying and doesnt make sense.

Edited 3/5/2017 11:29:35
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 11:33:13

{Canidae} Kretoma 
Level 57
I blacklist people who get booted without reason or explanation. I do not want to play with such persons who ruin games.
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 12:44:16

Cata Cauda
Level 58
Guess I am only hanging out with the right people, because my blacklist is EMPTY.

Edit: I feel honored to not being blacklisted by DanWL, since he once told me via PM that he blacklisted me.

Edited 3/5/2017 12:46:10
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 13:09:19

Level 56
What Cata said for the second part
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 13:19:14

Level 62
To include profile links:

  • Copy the below code.
    var a = document.getElementsByTagName("a"),
    	aNo = 18;
    if (location.href.match(/^https:\/\/www.\warlight\.net\/ManageBlackList/i))
    	while (aNo < a.length)
    		if (a[aNo] == "MainSiteContent")
    			if (a[aNo].href.includes("Profile") === false)
    			if (a[aNo].href.includes("Profile"))
    				a[aNo].innerHTML += " - " + a[aNo].href.replace("https://", "http://").replace("www.", "");
    			a[aNo].parentNode.innerHTML = a[aNo].parentNode.innerHTML.replace("()&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;", "");

  • Go to
  • Press f12 on the keyboard.
  • Click on the Console tab.
  • Paste.

Edited 3/5/2017 13:35:29
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 14:10:01

Fc Bayern
Level 63
No player found.
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 15:13:39

Level 60
Could someone explain to me he point of blacklisting someone? I mean other than if someone such as Squiggles is spamming your mail box what benefit does it provide?

I mean it doesn't even seem to stop blacklisted people from joining games one is in. And there's so many bad people around that if it's an open game diplo or something, there will be many new partypooers not blacklisted yet.

Which is why my blacklist never grown much and is only limited to those people:

(remove) 65001
(remove) DON B@H@@ (⌐■_■)
(remove) Fucknut
(remove) J2Cam85
(remove) LelouchViBritannia
(remove) MasterBootsInPuss
(remove) Matyi
(remove) Mhykol
(remove) Person McPersonFace
(remove) Polish Eagle
(remove) RaTeL
(remove) RayVineet
(remove) WTFawkes
(remove) Xx_Train_xX
(remove) [Panda] James
(remove) baylie
(remove) bplex
(remove) byzantine warrior
(remove) culley86
(remove) im swirv
(remove) ryan
(remove) sawikb
(remove) taserman21
(remove) tomux001
(remove) xxxtom13xxx
(remove) youngmoney
(remove) فيصل - 1416
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 15:38:49

Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
Level 45
(remove) Vengeance sucks cock
Post your blacklist: 3/5/2017 18:00:42

Level 55
Could someone explain to me he point of blacklisting someone? I mean other than if someone such as Squiggles is spamming your mail box what benefit does it provide?

making sure that your games don't have toxic folk and pre-emptively making sure your mailbox doesn't get spammed. The only fellow on my blacklist who was neither was Des but I can't stand him anyway, I think everyone that was in TJC knows why.
Post your blacklist: 3/6/2017 10:12:50

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51

You're a god damn commie compared to me
Post your blacklist: 3/6/2017 17:52:24

Level 60
(remove) Blacklisting has no effect on me.

Love this line on just about 50% of people here
Post your blacklist: 3/6/2017 18:29:59

Level 58
*waits for The Glorious Koala to post his bl*

(remove) Angi
(remove) Weltmeister
(remove) Wins
(remove) muddleszoom
Post your blacklist: 3/6/2017 18:58:58

Castle Bravo
Level 56

I'm seeing shades of Red
Post your blacklist: 3/6/2017 20:56:36

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
Love this line on just about 50% of people here

*trying to impress Zephy*

Blacklisting doesn't exist, I have deleted blacklisting
Post your blacklist: 3/7/2017 01:01:44

Level 56
(remove) Apollo
(remove) Azareah Collins
(remove) Bane
(remove) Castle Bravo
(remove) DOOM
(remove) GREGOR
(remove) Gam3Freak
(remove) J.Chamberlain
(remove) Jesse Pinkman
(remove) KK2nd BFD
(remove) Maikelinho
(remove) Nauzhror
(remove) Nebuchadnezzar
(remove) Rikku
(remove) Ryan
(remove) Spenglerian Traditionalist
(remove) TOTSEan
(remove) Trenton Galloway
(remove) Viso Gero £ Sēkmēs.
(remove) Wally Balls
(remove) Wulfhere
(remove) Youb Youss
(remove) [AOE]Akeion
(remove) crusher7777
(remove) necron99
(remove) ps
(remove) sand33
(remove) Жұқтыру
(remove) ☁WARLORD♥t(ಥ۾ಥt)SirℜicharD✠[WOLF]☁
(remove) ♆♆♆ RedBloodyKiller ♆♆♆
Post your blacklist: 3/7/2017 20:25:08

The Glorious Koala
Level 59
(remove) #BernieBus
(remove) #Dacian Novac
(remove) #The Prussian Job-Oh yeah, baby...
(remove) #TrumpTrain
(remove) Αλεκος Τσεκουρας
(remove) <SNinja> kerozin
(remove) <SNinja>kerozin
(remove) (((Tabby Juggernaut)))
(remove) (AOE) Manchester United
(remove) (CZ-SK)eXitus
(remove) (Open Seat)
(remove) +Skapis9999+
(remove) .
(remove) 101ByDesign
(remove) 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375
(remove) 4Chan
(remove) 674
(remove) 674
(remove) 90 \(ºº)/
(remove) A10D10
(remove) AA-22
(remove) ACL Tears
(remove) ACMFatih1899
(remove) AI
(remove) ALE
(remove) ALLAH
(remove) Ace2248
(remove) AceK
(remove) Addekalk
(remove) Adolf Hitler
(remove) Adolf hitler
(remove) AjaxAmsterdam
(remove) Albus Riddle
(remove) AlexB
(remove) Alexander The Only One
(remove) Alexander Wile
(remove) Aman Jain
(remove) Amaru
(remove) Ameter
(remove) Andreus Campeus
(remove) Andrew Erik Whitley
(remove) Anglo
(remove) Angry Frog
(remove) Angry Koala
(remove) Another
(remove) Anti-XBOX XBOX Hater XBOX Sucks Forvever
(remove) Archduke Maximilian I
(remove) Armadyl
(remove) Arsteel
(remove) Arthur Uchiha
(remove) Asian Sensation
(remove) Australian game show fan
(remove) AwsomeSnail
(remove) AyanM
(remove) Ayra
(remove) AyushTheGreat
(remove) Azraelkali53
(remove) Aztharoht
(remove) B4rsten
(remove) BADA
(remove) BROkenMirror
(remove) BYG Jacob
(remove) Baconbits10
(remove) Baioba
(remove) Bane
(remove) Bane
(remove) Baumbauer
(remove) Bayern München is the best!
(remove) Bbraw
(remove) Belgian Gentleman
(remove) Ben poll
(remove) Benjamin075 the Waffle King
(remove) BlackBart
(remove) Blackhawks88
(remove) Blacs Arent Real
(remove) Blank
(remove) Blaze
(remove) Blitzkrieg
(remove) Bob Saget
(remove) Boris Fedchenko
(remove) Bottleneck
(remove) Boyjoe
(remove) Brickhead387
(remove) Bristleback
(remove) Bryrcy13
(remove) BubbaTheViking
(remove) Buffbedsen
(remove) Burak38
(remove) CC
(remove) CITC
(remove) COOTABANG
(remove) Cacao
(remove) Cacaoçian Empire
(remove) Caesar 99
(remove) Caesar Zeppeli
(remove) CalmTiger
(remove) Capitaine Moussaillon
(remove) Captain Cock
(remove) Carrman099
(remove) Casey2069
(remove) Casillo
(remove) Castle Bravo
(remove) Cata Cauda
(remove) Cata Waca
(remove) Catus Cauda
(remove) Celebrimbor
(remove) Cha
(remove) ChangedByAdmin
(remove) Charlie
(remove) Charlos112
(remove) Chatulah
(remove) Che the RED
(remove) Cheesus Crust
(remove) Chezeballz
(remove) Chickenrun
(remove) Chinchompaz
(remove) Choombi
(remove) Chromeo
(remove) Cleopatra
(remove) Clint Eastwood
(remove) Cloud fox
(remove) Coldhands
(remove) Commander Dexter
(remove) Comrade Drunksky
(remove) Comrade Mario
(remove) Connor True
(remove) Copper
(remove) Corbeau
(remove) Coronel Gavilan
(remove) Cumbürper
(remove) Cyanide
(remove) DA SHIT
(remove) DEADLIFT
(remove) Dag
(remove) Dan
(remove) Daniel
(remove) Daniel McIntosh
(remove) Darjet
(remove) Darklordio
(remove) Darth Darth Binks
(remove) Darwin
(remove) David
(remove) Daviti Nazarashvili
(remove) DeadMamba Mark
(remove) Decadere
(remove) DeepPink
(remove) DefenderofFreedom
(remove) DeineMutter
(remove) Demeter
(remove) Deputy Aqua
(remove) DerWyyy
(remove) Deutschland
(remove) Dexterous Strategist
(remove) Dialasis
(remove) Die Kaboutermannekin
(remove) Dingerbot
(remove) DingleberryJones
(remove) Diplomatic Immunity
(remove) Doctor Evil
(remove) Dokugan Ryū
(remove) DomCobb
(remove) Donald J Trump
(remove) Donaldrenio
(remove) DorianL
(remove) Doubye
(remove) Doug
(remove) Dr. Walter Ego
(remove) Dublin Warrior
(remove) E4Arakon
(remove) Eastern Emperor
(remove) Edgy tortoise
(remove) EinfachNurA
(remove) Eire16
(remove) Eklipse {TJC}
(remove) El Amauta
(remove) El Matador Italiano
(remove) Electric_Kitten
(remove) Electrochill
(remove) Empire of Kilos
(remove) Ennouni Elyes
(remove) Erwin Rommel
(remove) Espurr
(remove) Euathlus
(remove) EvilSpeck
(remove) FBG - Milk Man
(remove) FDR
(remove) Fairplay Woman
(remove) FakeAndRandomKing
(remove) Family-Friendly Name
(remove) Fan the Apostle
(remove) Fatcat712
(remove) Fc Bayern
(remove) Fidget
(remove) Filthy Weeaboo
(remove) Filthy Weeaboo Scum
(remove) Fissel The Adduti
(remove) Fizzer
(remove) Fizzer
(remove) Fizzer
(remove) FizzerYudoDisBB
(remove) FlZZER
(remove) Fleecemaster
(remove) Flow
(remove) Fluttershy
(remove) Formless
(remove) Friendly ᗪᏒᎯᎶᎾN
(remove) Fruity Freedom
(remove) Fuck you nigga
(remove) Fuckthiscommunity
(remove) Fuckthisgame
(remove) Fv Pjcz
(remove) G.T.C.O.A.L.
(remove) Gabriel100
(remove) Gatsu
(remove) Gektorian
(remove) Gellarth
(remove) Gendrome
(remove) Gene
(remove) General 13K
(remove) General Kusturinhos
(remove) GeneralPE
(remove) GeneralRikoChe
(remove) Genghis
(remove) Genos
(remove) GeorgesDu14
(remove) German Idealism Completed
(remove) Germix
(remove) Giacomo Trottier
(remove) GiantFrog
(remove) Giorgios Delivery
(remove) Glory to Czechland
(remove) Goyathlay
(remove) GrandMaestroLoki[PreviuoslyEryErk]
(remove) Green horse in coat
(remove) GronkihtsLP
(remove) Guerroudj Abdelatif
(remove) Gullrome
(remove) Gushthecool
(remove) H-to-the-O-V
(remove) HPDeskjet
(remove) Ha Ha Garrett Weiss
(remove) HaKoVesh
(remove) Hades
(remove) Hasdrubal
(remove) Haunebu
(remove) HavaFaza
(remove) Heimall
(remove) Helicobacter pylori
(remove) Hell
(remove) Herman
(remove) Hewitt
(remove) HolyMother
(remove) Hostile
(remove) Hynkel
(remove) I HATE jews
(remove) I am a troll
(remove) I don't like a thing about the city, no, no
(remove) I hATE KYLE
(remove) I hate MoD
(remove) I have a backup account. ;)
(remove) I like coffee more than you
(remove) I'm a person that can drink a lot of coffee.
(remove) I'm just a player.
(remove) IDK
(remove) ISIS
(remove) Iaepetus
(remove) ImanAlt
(remove) Inactivia
(remove) Inahi
(remove) Insane
(remove) Ioan Alexandru Buzoianu
(remove) Irony is oft Defined Wrong
(remove) Ivan
(remove) J2Cam85
(remove) Jack Handey
(remove) JackOLantern5000
(remove) James
(remove) James Wright
(remove) Jan Holland
(remove) Jannik
(remove) Jansen
(remove) Japan77
(remove) Jasmin
(remove) Jasonl0922
(remove) Javor
(remove) Jaxon
(remove) JelleFF
(remove) Jesmin92
(remove) Jesus
(remove) Jew Bear
(remove) Jez
(remove) Jnurwin
(remove) Jo
(remove) John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
(remove) JohnBreed
(remove) Jonah.
(remove) Jonto
(remove) Jull
(remove) Kalhorn
(remove) Kalumrov
(remove) Kancer
(remove) Karl The Kike Killing /k/ommando
(remove) Kazakhstanintospace
Post your blacklist: 3/7/2017 20:25:39

The Glorious Koala
Level 59
(remove) Kentucky
(remove) Kerim Khan
(remove) Keyes
(remove) Kicker
(remove) Killer
(remove) King Jofferey
(remove) King Of Quizmo
(remove) Kjetil Johannessen
(remove) Kkeate
(remove) Klarik
(remove) Knights Templar
(remove) Koala Zach
(remove) KonamiCode
(remove) Korean Empire
(remove) Kutattca
(remove) L.A.I.D
(remove) LTEmperor
(remove) Lagwagon
(remove) Lane Cognito
(remove) Larry King
(remove) Le Count H
(remove) LeHappyMerchant (Retired)
(remove) Lean
(remove) Legi
(remove) Legolas
(remove) Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
(remove) Leif Eriksson
(remove) Lekko
(remove) Leo41
(remove) Lernaean Hydra
(remove) Level Five Laser Lotus
(remove) Leviathan
(remove) LikeThat
(remove) Linux
(remove) Lionheart
(remove) Lisa:)
(remove) Lolicon love
(remove) Lord Ampharos
(remove) Lord Fred100
(remove) Lord Varys
(remove) LoshadinyiHren
(remove) Love Falcon
(remove) Lubbock
(remove) Lucarr10
(remove) Luna {TJC}
(remove) MCMacDaddy
(remove) MMM
(remove) Madmen
(remove) Madness
(remove) Maggie De Block
(remove) Magic Mango
(remove) Magnum
(remove) Major General Smedley Butler
(remove) Marc Ross
(remove) Markus
(remove) MasterBootsInPuss
(remove) Matt
(remove) Max
(remove) Maximilian
(remove) Maximus
(remove) MeNumOrut
(remove) Melethron
(remove) Mercer
(remove) Mercer
(remove) Michael Lyle
(remove) MightySpeck (a Koala)
(remove) Mike
(remove) Mike |GG|
(remove) Mikele
(remove) Mikołajki(Polish Juggernaut)
(remove) Milan Sambo
(remove) Ming
(remove) Misterdex
(remove) MoneyMakingMitch
(remove) Monsi
(remove) Mordred
(remove) Moroz
(remove) Moustache cash stash
(remove) Mr.George
(remove) MrHymen
(remove) MrPerson
(remove) Muharip
(remove) MysteryManBall
(remove) NZPhoenix (AHOL)
(remove) Name is anonym
(remove) Nasire Republic
(remove) Natalim
(remove) Nauzhror
(remove) Nequam
(remove) NewCompte
(remove) Nezi
(remove) Niathal91
(remove) Nick Perez
(remove) Nicknam
(remove) Nico (TLN)
(remove) NiggerLover
(remove) Niklas
(remove) Njord
(remove) No1InYourHearts
(remove) NoMaN
(remove) NoMercy
(remove) Nobody at all
(remove) Noobster11
(remove) Norman
(remove) North Atlantic Treaty Organization
(remove) Nox
(remove) Ocool
(remove) Oculus
(remove) Officialy Powerful North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un
(remove) Okabe Rintarou ( AKA Hououin Kyouma)
(remove) One Piece
(remove) Onoma94
(remove) Orfadoos
(remove) Otto von Gotha
(remove) OxTheAutist
(remove) OxTheDesigner
(remove) POO
(remove) Padmé Hentaimala
(remove) Pajama
(remove) Paladiner
(remove) PanagiotisTheGreekFreak
(remove) Paolopite
(remove) Papysh
(remove) Patrick Spens
(remove) Paugers
(remove) Pete Hansen
(remove) Petrus
(remove) Pew pew
(remove) Phantom of Blood
(remove) Phil the overlord
(remove) Pink
(remove) Platatoe
(remove) Platinum
(remove) Player
(remove) Politic Revolutionnaire
(remove) Poonanni
(remove) Pooncrew
(remove) Pops
(remove) Potato[LTU]
(remove) Potatoe
(remove) Prabster Realm
(remove) President Hamza
(remove) Prince Balzar
(remove) Ptolemeo
(remove) Pugdy
(remove) Pulsey
(remove) Purple Illusions
(remove) Pyrokitty007
(remove) QueefBalls
(remove) Quicksand
(remove) Quicksilver
(remove) RA
(remove) Rache2013
(remove) Radical Traditionalist
(remove) RainbowBrite
(remove) Ramses
(remove) RandomKing203
(remove) RandyRamPlaysiPadPro
(remove) RedBullRocks64
(remove) Remove Kebab
(remove) Renegade
(remove) Resh Mant
(remove) Richard Dion
(remove) Richard M. Nixon
(remove) Rikku
(remove) Rivanna
(remove) Riveath
(remove) RobGodkin
(remove) Roger Sala Navarro
(remove) Rogue Nikolai Krogius
(remove) Roman
(remove) Roman Šťastný
(remove) RomanBelico and NikoBelico Cabs inc.
(remove) Rome
(remove) Rudohasp
(remove) Rudolpha026
(remove) Ruud
(remove) Ryan
(remove) SVY
(remove) SageTR
(remove) Sai Kurogetsu
(remove) Sai Shirogetsu
(remove) Sanity Clause
(remove) Sara C
(remove) Scorched Earth
(remove) Semendevine
(remove) Semicedevine
(remove) Sepp
(remove) Seraphim
(remove) SerialMurderer
(remove) Sherlock Holmes
(remove) Shred's Robot Servant Mk.1
(remove) Sigurd
(remove) Sir Smokesalot
(remove) SirPacla
(remove) SirSalty
(remove) Skanderberg
(remove) Skilled
(remove) Skripar1996
(remove) SkylerWarlightUser
(remove) Sleepy Sloths
(remove) Sleepybear
(remove) Snuffey
(remove) Socna3
(remove) Solid Snake
(remove) Solitarius Sempiternus
(remove) Someone
(remove) Soviet Russia Buddy
(remove) Spaced Invader
(remove) SpartanKillerElite
(remove) Spenglerian Traditionalist
(remove) Sphyleid Snake
(remove) Spot
(remove) Stephen Spencer
(remove) Stribor Gerovit
(remove) Striker17
(remove) Stylishman
(remove) Sun God
(remove) Swagnum
(remove) Syndic
(remove) Systiem
(remove) Syxortrak
(remove) TBest
(remove) TBestLittleHelper
(remove) TOBYJH
(remove) TOTSEan
(remove) Tac(ky)tical
(remove) Taran
(remove) Taster Murtle
(remove) Templar The Massacre Assassin
(remove) The Autrarch
(remove) The Count
(remove) The Count of Darkness
(remove) The Cruelest
(remove) The Dalek
(remove) The Dark Knight
(remove) The Destroyer!
(remove) The Dog
(remove) The Dujin
(remove) The Great Dictator
(remove) The Lone Wolf
(remove) The Lord
(remove) The Mad Japanese
(remove) The Republic of Texas
(remove) The anti anonym
(remove) The other anti anonym
(remove) TheDarkForces
(remove) ThePelicanThing
(remove) ThePlayer
(remove) TheSwift
(remove) TheoneandonlyBen
(remove) Tico Meu
(remove) Tim (TIM CLAN) 😡
(remove) Tomáš Slezák
(remove) Tomezzz
(remove) Tonald Dump
(remove) Torbin
(remove) Tribalwars
(remove) Trump2016
(remove) Trumps Wall
(remove) Tsunami
(remove) Tyrion Lannister
(remove) Tywin Lannister
(remove) U.S.S.R
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