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this is fake news: 3/5/2017 05:56:49

Wally Balls 
Level 58

"the seattle tribune" -- made to sound legit. it's just some random website.

the story is complete fiction, they made it up like they were writing for TV.

that is what fake news looks like.

the new york times writing a story you don't like is not fake news.

the washington post quoting an anonymous source who drumpf says is lying, is not fake news.

cnn airing something critical of drumpf is not fake news.
this is fake news: 3/5/2017 05:57:43

Level 56
wally balls, you make fake posts.

I petition that from now on, your fake posts should be automatically downvoted to hidden, its an inevitability anyway.
this is fake news: 3/5/2017 05:59:36

Level 55
so many folk get angered by his mediocre trolling, tsh
this is fake news: 3/5/2017 06:16:55

Marigold Sunshine 
Level 59
Seattle is a fake city, so i can confirm that Seattle tribune is a fake news source like CNN.

I also agree with Pulsey about Wally Balls' posts being fake posts and needing to be downvoted until hidden.
this is fake news: 3/5/2017 06:58:25

Wally Balls 
Level 58
downvote all you want. i use warlight forums like snapchat. disappearing posts.
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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