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WWII: 12/7/2011 04:49:08

Level 35
Hi all, I want to share a template I made

this is an attempt to recreate the World War II scenerio. This starts at 1939, before the invasion of Poland. I tried to make this historically authentic.
WWII: 12/7/2011 06:22:20

Level 34
I'm enjoying the game on it, seems pretty balanced.
Ff course the allies are OP, but thats cause I'm not on there side.:P
WWII: 12/7/2011 15:31:09

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
I take it this is a variation of the test game that I played before. Since I am not a member I can't look at the scenario from the template. Can you describe any changes that you made?
WWII: 12/7/2011 17:11:14

Level 35
just click custom template, and you will see
WWII: 12/8/2011 00:23:12

Level 55
if these are the same as the two im playing in, i think the settings are too favourable to the allies. (i played one on either side)
WWII: 12/8/2011 18:31:21

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
Even hitting customize template doesn't allow it, since there are customized starting positions, which is a member only feature.
WWII: 12/8/2011 18:34:37

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
If it's not significantly upgraded from the one I played, then I will agree with x, in that the Allies are too strong. Playing as the Allies, we had nearly the same total troops, but much higher income. With the higher penalty for attacking than normal, it meant that the Axis had no way to quickly break that income difference.

If they had more troops then they could take more time to break the bonuses. If the penalty for attacking wasn't so high, then they could rush the Allied bonuses faster.

The combination means that only a really good Axis could win against even average Allies.

It actually played out almost perfectly for the real history, but in a game format it wouldn't be fun to play the Axis and always lose.
WWII: 12/9/2011 04:01:13

Level 35
I slightly changed it.

Here are some adjustment to what I changed from WM X's version (as I can't find the game with duke, sorry duke)
- I gave Germany more land - Austria and Bulgaria, but I gave pieces of the balkans to the allies.
- I increased German troops in central Germany by around 50 more(since i put on light fog, they will be hidden to the enemy)
- I gave Italy 30 more troops
- I gave Germany more front-line troops (around 70 more)
- I gave the Soviet Union and France extra 5 troops per territory, (a combined of around 150 troops extra) but they are all scattered.
- I gave Britain more internal troops (around 60).
- I increased the Germany and Italy bonus to 20.
- I increased the Soviet Union's income (by around 10).
- I decreased the airlift card to 6 pieces (upon request from other players)
- I gave 1 diplomacy card to both sides on 1st turn, but made it in 7 pieces.
WWII: 12/14/2011 15:29:36

Level 37
Could someone post a picture of the scenario builder for this template? I'd like to see it but it won't even let me customize it.
WWII: 12/14/2011 15:38:11

Level 57

WarLight Creator
If you try it in single player, you can see it:
WWII: 12/14/2011 21:43:56

Level 49
One more thing: Remove the airlift territories from the distribution! Or make the same map on the regular europe map. Also, I don't get the bonuses in spain. the 500 along the border I get, but the rest...
WWII: 12/15/2011 05:54:40

Level 23
Just one problem I see with trying it in single player right now. The three reinforcement for armies area will cause issues if the AI on the Axis side are able to beat the Allies, potentially locking up or lagging a computer. It would be better if they were connected to a neutral territory with a absurdly large army size to prevent them from leaving, but allowing the game to end. (This also means that the Axis cannot win without Airlift cards and that an Axis team that ends up as AIs will cause the game to be unwinnable if AIs are not allowed to surrender or end the game, I believe though that might be incorrect.)
WWII: 12/15/2011 07:45:27

Level 44
SGV, the axis would lose even with airlift cards.. airlift cards cannot be used to attack..

the map in question was designed for the europe challange, which those territories are meant to represent the US involvement in the war, and having them connected to a single territory with a huge bonus would provide additional AI difficulties, as if/when it got there, it would possibly begin building up armies to defeat the neutral.. as most of us know, AI's prefer to attack neutrals, so this could provide a player with an opportunity to gain advantage and win the game, despite it being due to unrealistic circumstances.
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