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You're invited: 3/17/2017 20:47:01

Knights Templar
Level 18
Hello everyone.
You are all welcomed to join this years 65th annual Dark Harvest .
The festival took place every year in the park on 21 Jump street since 1952.
Please come and join us. It will happen on November the 1st.

What will be happening at the event?
The event is to honor and worship all the God of Darkness has given us.
In order to accomplish and satisfy the Darkness we gut and hollow out a goat and use the carcass as costume that the most worthy wears. We then use it's organs to make a blood sassage which will be the main course of the event.
We then ready the duels and brawls to test who will be the next Dark Champion.
Once done we will then present the sacrifices to the gods and light the biggest fire, the North has ever seen.
Afterwards we say our prayers and leave, the cult headmaster and his wardens will clean up the rest, no guest or cult member without authorization will be allowed to stay.

Read before you plan to attend the event
You must be 21 years of age or older to attend.
You may bring only one friend or relative.
-The friend or relative must do a blood initiation to prove to us they are loyal.

No children, pets may be brung to be sacrifice.
You may sacrifice children though.
Do not bring any outside food.
Ex: McDonald's, Burger King, home prepared food, etc.
Wear only dark clothing.
If someone can still identify you then you're not wearing enough.
Remember to bring weapons.
weapons will be used to prepare food, fight, kill the sacrifices and any unwanted outsiders.
When you come to the festival, present the guards this statement.
No words to lie, no eyes to deny, no hear for death.
I am only open of mind.

We will be looking forward to your attandance, thank you.
You're invited: 3/18/2017 10:57:16

adrian waco
Level 31
can i bring my can opener
You're invited: 3/21/2017 02:31:00

Level 26
*tips fedora

''No children, pets may be brung to be sacrifice.''


Edited 3/21/2017 02:32:03
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