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Time to leave Warlight: 4/4/2017 18:53:51

Level 63
Hey guys,

Bad to announce but I think it is the right time.Lately,my free time has been reduced so much that time affording to wl is minimal.Thus I am really sorry but I think I have to retire from the game.I have experienced so many good and bad moments and I will remember all of you,all of your personalities.I have taken back to back vacations but that does not help at all.I have to focus more on my studies and social life rather than staying in front of a computer.I will retire after my games end soon.

I will miss you all!

With love,Panagiotis!
Time to leave Warlight: 4/4/2017 18:56:03

Level 58
Wish you the best of luck! Sorry to see you go.
Time to leave Warlight: 4/4/2017 18:57:05

Level 58
April Fool's Day was 3 days ago.

Pls don't quit.
Time to leave Warlight: 4/4/2017 18:57:13

Scarlett The Queen Viper
Level 56
Take care Pana and come back some day :)
Time to leave Warlight: 4/4/2017 19:04:07

Sherlock Holmes
Level 55
It is bad that you're leaving totally.
I hope you get time for some fun games during your vacations/free time.

Time to leave Warlight: 4/4/2017 19:16:20

Glam 'd Slam Islam
Level 61
Ρε κάτσε δω, που θα βρεις χειρότερα; εφυγες από τη μαφία των μαστόρονε έλα στο βς να γουσταρεις με αραλίκι, γίνε ο γιάννης σπαλιάρας που έφυγε απ τα φίδια τους διάσημους να πάει στους μαχητές. Έλα στο φροντιστήριο του Πανάρα, του σύγχρονου Σουν-Τζου του γουσταύου αδόλφου της τακτικής, του καίσαρα της στρατηγικής... θα παίζουμε μόνο αυτόματη διανομή και πολυεπιθέσεις με εκατό τα εκατό τύχη.

Αχάριστα μαστόρια το καταστρέψατε το παιδί με τα κόμπλεξ σας. Ναι εσένα λέω νεκρομάστορα και καταστροφομάστορα που όλο μαστορεύετε εξισώσεις για να μπουστάρετε το εγώ σας. Τον τιμωρήσατε - τώρα τι; Νιώσατε καλύτερα; Τέλειωσαν οι πολέμοι; Δεν λιώνουν οι πάγοι; Θα σωθούν οι Μπόερς στο Νατάλ, το ελύθερο κράτος της Οράγγης και στο Κάπο Βέρντε; Θα αυτοκτονήσουν τα μαρξιστόσκυλα ή μήπως αι ισλαμισταί θα σταματήσουν να μισούν τους αλόθρησκους και να σκάνε σε όποια χώρα έχει λευκους; Τι;;;;;;;
Time to leave Warlight: 4/4/2017 20:02:44

Koopa Troopa
Level 59
sorry to see you go pana :-( but you are right, your studies are more important. good luck and hope to see you again one day when I'm a 2200 ranked player (we know that will never happen ;-))
Time to leave Warlight: 4/4/2017 20:08:26

Level 57
I still remember the old Pana, stuck in Darklords, hovering around a 1300 rating. Then you became one of the most improved players to grace this game.

I fully understand your reasons but maybe pop back now and again for some RT. All the best.
Time to leave Warlight: 4/4/2017 21:19:15

Level 60
Bye, Pana. You will be missed! Good luck in non-WL life. :o
Time to leave Warlight: 4/4/2017 21:22:52

Cata Cauda
Level 58
Fully understandable. Good luck with your future life.
Time to leave Warlight: 4/4/2017 23:40:59

Level 60
we'll miss you Bob! gg

Edited 4/4/2017 23:41:05
Time to leave Warlight: 4/5/2017 01:30:24

Level 67
See you in three months buddy
Time to leave Warlight: 4/5/2017 01:55:39

Level 58
Goodbye Pana!

I'll always remember how you taught me how to play Greece when I didn't understand what you were saying :P I'll remember the times when we went out achievement hunting together. I'll definitely remember those rare occasions when you would be nice and let me win :P

But the thing that I'll remember the most is how good of a friend you were to me, how you were so patient with me when I was asking random ass questions, I am going to be really sad to see you go, I'll miss you

για τη δόξα της Ελλαδας!

Time to leave Warlight: 4/6/2017 03:30:29

Level 62
WL is a drug, I feel you'll be back someday for a quick fix ;).
Time to leave Warlight: 4/6/2017 07:37:16

Level 59
Cya in 2 months pal ! (that's my bet)
Time to leave Warlight: 4/6/2017 07:53:40

Level 61
Sad news, but real life is definitely more important.

It was great to get to know u a little bit and i wish u the best for your future.
Time to leave Warlight: 4/6/2017 22:52:18

Level 59
That's a shame Pana and I only hope it is not related to community issues and only IRL issues. Take care and feel free to change your mind anytime !
Time to leave Warlight: 4/7/2017 19:33:31

Level 59
You will come back, I doubt it's the studies as they were always there. Masters kicking you is probably making you feel lost as you feel you are the black sheep of the community.

The retirement thread probably is going to be a feed the ego type but fuck it , I have history with you so...

You joined 101st with me in the past , I imagined you as one of those strong eastern Europeans that worked in the construction industry that could kick ass in the 1v1s. I was right! I knew you had strong potential and I'm glad you broadened your play style to team games to develop all aspects of your game.

To the clan community , You were mad about games and RT and you were a great guy generally. A few dodgy moments when you were in the clan but nothing too much.

Around CL8 you developed to be a kick ass player. Everyone going why Pana wasn't in more games etc. I probably was cautious of using you when there was no reason to be. You got the #1 on the ladders and you solidified yourself as a top player.

Personality wise , You seemed to over gloat yourself , Backed with the results though. You were always a dodgy character in some respects and you seemed to have more when you left 101st. Unfortunately resulting in you being kicked from Masters.

Overall , A personality with great skill, Made it to the top. had a few flaws , Fell from Masters and gives up on the game.

Take care Pana, Your studies will get a more increased concentration rate. You were always a good guy to have around with. Thank you for being around 101st when i was there , We had some fun moments ;) But you lost yourself along the way.

Edited 4/7/2017 19:34:25
Time to leave Warlight: 4/7/2017 23:19:58

Zack Fair
Level 58
^^^"Personality wise" you were nice to me. I really don't think you are leaving, and I don't think you should. But if you do go, all the best. Most here will remember you well.
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