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Best league ever:Lottery League,preparation thread: 4/21/2017 22:50:54

Level 59
Welcome to the first edition of the amazing *drumroll* LOTTERY LEAGUE!!

It will start on 4/31/2017 so you have just a few days to sign up, hurry up!
These are the rules:

1) You must be at least level 54 to get a spot in the league because if you are lower you give just a few points.

2)Alts are only allowed upon a payments of 200 coins directly on my acccount; if you don't declare an alt you have to pay 1k coins for each one or you will be excluded from the league.

3)Depending on how many players, the fate will divide you into groups of at least 20 people. The extraction will be held at Nyon 30 minutes before midnight GMT of the starting day, if you can't be present physically, you can see the live on on my channel.

4)Subsequently, the five most fortunate of each group will form another one for the Final Round.

5)Now let's talk about how the games will take place. The map used for this season will be "Duel" a map too often underestimated. You will be given a random territory and if you are the lucky man who has the winner bonus you just have to crush your opponent.

This is all friends, keep up to date for the Clan Lottery League coming soon after the end of this season! Good luck!
Best league ever:Lottery League,preparation thread: 4/21/2017 22:51:42

Level 59
Oh yeah, i forgot the most important thing: the winner of the season will win the prize of 1,000,000$ what are you waiting for?
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