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anyone know what is this setting for?: 4/22/2017 14:15:45

Level 29
people don't even know about the settings for this setting "extra armies for territories" at all.

got people think that this setting stacks with "base armies per turn" setting.

that is totally wrong.

i have seen people go set up this rule where "extra armies per 4 territories" or "extra armies per 15 territories".

it is written here that it doesn't stack with base armies per turn at all.

"These extra armies apply only after the base armies per turn has been reached. In other words, players will receive whichever is larger: the base armies per turn or the extra armies per territories - not both."

based on this sentences

1) if the base army per turn is 5 and the extra armies per X territory(if X is 5), then the base army per turn takes precedence until you got 30 territories.

once you got 30 territories, the extra armies per 5 territories setting takes precedence over base army per turn. since the 30 territories = 6 armies, it is higher than the base army.

this means that the "extra armies per territory" settings will overwrite the " base army settings" in mid game to very late game.

the link is here

Edited 4/22/2017 14:29:05
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