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Unable to invite players to clan: 4/25/2017 17:00:48

[NL] JvL
Level 54
Dear community,
I am trying to invite a few new members to our clan. So I am searching through the playerlist but I am unable to find a few players that I would like to add to our clan. For example the player "[NL] Illiterate" is not on the list. I have used cntrl + f but still unable to find his name. Even his old name is not on the list. The same happens for player "[NL] Jasart" just another example.

Besides that I would suggest to create a button on every players profile so you are able to invite them there (only if you have rights to do so). The current way of inviting people is very annoying and doesn't work correctly in my opinion. I think it would be worth the investment.

Unable to invite players to clan: 4/25/2017 17:21:35

Level 60
Do you have the player on your friends list?
Unable to invite players to clan: 4/25/2017 17:24:09

Level 58
To add players to your clan through the Warlight UI, you have to add them to your Friends list first.
Unable to invite players to clan: 4/25/2017 20:07:20

Level 62
Do you have the clan mod powers that allow you to invite players to your clan?
Unable to invite players to clan: 4/26/2017 11:48:38

[NL] JvL
Level 54
I have the access rights to invite players and I have looked on their profiles. They are all marked as friends, so I am not sure why I am unable to find them on the long list?

But please Warlight, start working on a acceptable way of clan inviting, this is so 2000's.

Edited 4/26/2017 11:54:33
Unable to invite players to clan: 4/26/2017 16:56:53

Level 58
The stuff below is only worth your time if you're desperate, or if you're just curious as to how to invite players to your clan that aren't on your Friends List. Don't take this as a serious suggestion of what to do, because you'll probably find an easier solution.

Are you sure the players didn't change their usernames?

If not, then I have no idea what's going on but there is a bit of a messy solution I can think of. It would require you to use your terminal and deal with some icky stuff, but you'll just be manually doing what Warlight does underneath its UI. This may also be in violation of Warlight TOS's interestingly broad prohibition of any sort of automation, although keep in mind that you're doing this manually... so I don't really see how it qualifies as automation. It's certainly not the sexy kind of automation.

What browser do you use? Figure out how to access its Developer Tools and something like Chrome's Network tab (which tracks HTTP requests sent from your browser). If you're using Chrome or Firefox, you're golden- just figure out how to open your DevTools (should be a quick keyboard shortcut) and then access the Network tab.

What OS are you on? This going to be a lot more feasible if you're on Linux or Mac. If you're on Windows, you're not anything close to SOL but I'm not 100% sure it will translate easily there.

Once you have that, here's what you need to do:

1. Find the players you want to invite, and get their real IDs (you should be able to do this if you have their profile links). You can get that by removing the first 2 and last 2 digits from their listed IDs- e.g., my profile URL is so my real ID is actually 221240 (3022124041 without the "30" and "41" from the edges). (This is kind of neat, because I think it means I'm the 216672nd oldest account on this site since Fizzer's ID is 4569 and real account numbers increment by 1).

2. Make sure you're logged into your account with Manager Rights for your clan.

3. Go to your Clan's Invite page and invite a random account (open the Network tab right before you click invite, make sure it's tracking requests). Feel free to go back and uninvite them before moving on to the next step.

4. In your network tab, Ctrl+F "Invite" to find the POST request you just made to invite a player to your clan. You'll notice that it has one parameter, PlayerID, which is that player's real ID. All you need to do to invite another player is to remake that same request except with that player's ID instead of the one in the request.

5. You're almost there. Right click on the request and navigate the menu to copy it as a cURL request (you don't need to know what cURL is to do this):

6. Open your terminal (Power Shell on Windows).

7. Paste the request you just copied onto there.

8. Now you need to modify one or two small things. If (and only if) you're on Windows PowerShell, replace "curl" at the beginning of the thing you just copied with "Invoke-RestMethod"; the other (main) thing is to change the Player ID. You can see below (underlined in purplish blue) where to do that, just use the arrow keys to navigate the request and use your keyboard as normal. Replace the PlayerID parameter in the request with the player ID of the player you want to add. (Repeat as necessary until you've invited everyone you want to invite). Press Enter when you're done so your terminal runs the command.

This is what the request would look like:

This is a hell of a lot messier than the optimal solution (continue until you find what's up- it's probably not a Warlight issue since the invite player system is simple enough that Fizzer would have to really try to make it broken), but it works for sure (the player ID in the image right above is yours; you've got an invite to Optimum now :P).

Good luck finding the problem so you don't have to become desperate enough to use what I just outlined above. If you do end up using it, though, keep in mind that this isn't actually anything near challenging or really all that messy... I just said all that to make sure you're aware that you'll be dealing with all the stuff people build UI's to keep you from dealing with.

Edited 4/26/2017 18:31:02
Unable to invite players to clan: 4/26/2017 17:01:20

Level 60
''I have the access rights to invite players and I have looked on their profiles. They are all marked as friends, so I am not sure why I am unable to find them on the long list?'

Check the pending invites list? Its under Manage Players, and not under invite part of the management system. This would explain why you don't see then in the invie a player section.

Edited 4/26/2017 17:02:35
Unable to invite players to clan: 4/26/2017 17:02:24

Level 58
^ Yeah, if they've already been invited they will no longer show up on the Invite list.
Unable to invite players to clan: 5/8/2017 07:39:20

[NL] JvL
Level 54
Thank you all for the replies and pointing out that there is a pending invites list, I found them on that list.

Best regards,
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