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Real-Time Ladder: 5/17/2017 16:53:03

ZaZa The 🐧
Level 54
I just started playing Real-Time ladder, and i am still noob at it;) But i noticed that there is not too many players playing it. Is it because the time of the day or because no one really uses it???
Real-Time Ladder: 5/17/2017 17:22:53

Level 60
depends on time of day, yes.

use has decreased a bit with the update that added commanders and double france.

also people been asking for ways to veto templates for a long while, but with Fizzer focusing on the Unity client the RT ladder has been a bit neglected.

It's been a while since the last poll for template re-evaluation though. Might be worth poking Fizzer to hold a new vote. Hopefuly one that doesn't ignore the majorities vote of not wanting commanders nor local deployment settings on the ladder.
Real-Time Ladder: 5/17/2017 18:11:33

ZaZa The 🐧
Level 54
Thnx, what about the other ladders?
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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