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[[Three heads are better than two]] Game Analysis: 5/23/2017 03:12:37

90 \(ºº)/
Level 58
Hi guys,

For the coin tournament series [[Three heads are better than two]], aoc Juan and I will be analyzing all games thoroughly in this thread in order to add of the experience of this tournament series and make this series unique among others. [we will likely take turns analyzing games]

Best of luck to all! There are still a few open team slots in the first tournament in our series, so if you want to form a team with others you know, now is the time to form it and join before it is too late :).

All the best! You will hear more from us when game analysis begins!


From each tournament in our series, the "best played games" as per our analysis will enter the hall of fame to give the players glory!

Tournament Links:

#1 Africa:

[**Hall of fame**]

Best played games:
#1 Africa:

Edited 5/24/2017 17:35:10
[[Three heads are better than two]] Game Analysis: 5/23/2017 07:43:45

Level 62
ah shit. I really didnt want to join, but now I have to :(
[[Three heads are better than two]] Game Analysis: 5/23/2017 20:07:11

Level 58
The Tournament Link:

Message us if you need an invite :)
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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