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controversial: 5/31/2017 11:55:34

Level 61

As many you've heard by now, Muhamamd Adduti was once again banned once again for being a Muslim. He's unbanned now, but the point still stands. Fizzer has started a new purge of Muslims. Faisal to this date is still banned, just for following the true faith. It's truly terrible racism.

Anyhow, not many folk know this but Muhammad's homeland is actually Iran, but he's Sunni, not one of those Shia "Muslims" grave-worshippers (I know it says on his profile that he's from Guyana and lives in Cayenne but it turns out that was just a joke, he's not actually from Guyana). Anyhow, Iran has been having picks lately for their next chairman (president). Muhammad registered to run They ended today, and no, Muhammad Adduti did not become new chairman (it's the same chairman as before: repicked). But anyhow, he lost his politic party nomination to this guy.

No, I'm not kidding, this guy, Mostafa Hashemitaba won the nomination for the Executives of Construction (idk what it means just found it on English wiki what it is named) party, but they lost anyway. Truly grave-worshippers though if they nominate someone named "Mostafa" over "Muhammad", but to be fair, if you look at the etymology of the word "Mostafa", it literally means "the chosen one" in Arabish, so it'd make sense that he'd be chosen to stand for the party. And he could kill with that stare.

Anyhow, Muhammad's pretty angry about losing, and so thus comes this thread. He and Tabby Juggernaut are romantically involved (they're both asexual (meaning their dick dissolves if it touches another human being, so they've had to basically do it with houseplants so far - but they've been running out and so Muhammad asked for more suggestions of what to do it with but the thread got deleted)) and have common interests like TURAN (as long as it is STEM-focused) and cats and belief in dogs' deletion. But now Muhammad's angry over losing the picks, and so is letting out his anger on Tabby, his girlfriend. Here are nude pictures of Tabby.

A tabby sleeping nude...what a beauty.

Ooh, this is a picture of a nude tabby that's in a pose that's thought to be "classy" in west Europe, but I don't get it. Either fullbody or then put on your clothes, Tabby, come on!

Not a lot of folk know this but Tabby was doing nude modelling ever since she was a kid! But I'm not going to get arrested in Poland for thinking that underage is sexy, so I won't say more.

2x tabby = 2x the fun and in the woods? Darn, Muhammad is so lucky. Not even mentioning that he managed to hook up with a redhead. Maybe it was some kinky double-date thing they were doing with Sai.

A bit fat, but I'm not going to fat-shame. Maggie de Block is one of my role models, so it's actually thin-shaming that's the trend right now. Like, go eat some meals you thin tabbies!

What a truly flawless red mane this tabby has. For all you who lot who have hair fetishes: you're dead now.

Confirmed future wife for Zephyrum, as he has a big foot fetish; he'd love to smack that foot on...well. You know.

Tabby with multiple hair colors, if you're into that. I am.

I'm Polish, so "fun in the snow" is something I know very well!

Ok, this one is pretty mediocre. She seems to have a sexy face, but way too close up, my bro.

Greyscale of another face, this one isn't too close up, but I'm not here to see just faces, y'know what I'm saying, Muhammad?

NOW THIS IS WHAT I'M HERE TO SEE! Lesbians snogging! It also seems to be some encyclopedia of some sort, darn. I'd love to model or kiss a tabby for "educational" purposes.

I feel about aliens the same way Tabby feels about blackskins (they're bad). Not into this one, so much, Muhamm.

WHAT THE? Is this the legendary FOUR-SOME? DAMN Muhammad is getting some big pussy, I kind of want to see what parties he and Tabby throw when Tabby comes to Minsk. Maybe I can get some, too? Anyhow one brown and 2 whites and 1 huezillian is a formula of euphoria, but instead this IRANIAN gets it, aah!

Muhammad+Tabby Juggernaut interacial (White+Black) amateurs. To see where this leads to, PM me.


This is Tabby in everyday life, just for contrast. You see that she wears a hijab, as after she and Muhammad started to get romantic, she was convinced of the
controversial: 5/31/2017 13:05:10

Emperor Justinian
Level 48
You know Fizzer is a cat right?
controversial: 5/31/2017 13:16:43

Level 56
I was the evidence provider
controversial: 5/31/2017 13:41:40

Emperor Justinian
Level 48
^ You're whistleblowing is appreciated.
controversial: 5/31/2017 13:43:06

Level 56
I'm whistleblowing is appreciated? I thoough I was Japanball.
controversial: 5/31/2017 13:50:16

Emperor Justinian
Level 48
*cricket noise*
controversial: 6/1/2017 23:11:38

Level 58
My brother Muhammad used Rikku as a proxy to deliver his message. I like proxies! Proxies are dexterous. Have you heard of a proxy?
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