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Toxic team players: 6/8/2017 10:57:12

Level 45

I don't know if anyone ever had this experience, I feel terribly bad for this game and this guy on my team
(Obama Best President Ever

I clearly said that first go for smaller bonuses nearby and later you can go for bigger bonus-when he said uk for you, partha for me. But the very next turn he attacks +1 place in partha when he had no need to take it.

He had chance to reach spain in 1 turn and din't do it. He could have taken Elusa(Gallia's territory near spain) instead of Hyrcania(corner area in partha's Media) in turn 3 and complains the whole game with abusive language(on me and finally on my country) that i didnt reach spain. From UK it takes 5 turns and with a person having Germany on border of Illyricum and UK-it is impossible for going to spain. Blue had big stack on UK-Germany border and Uk had to be defended.

He didn;t even have brains to attack the 3 armies in partha(which i left there purposedly) with 1 first and 3 next, which is efficient and attack with inefficient armies like 9,4,12 and cries for whole game that his team mates are bad.

Are these players not using their brains to keep them fresh?

Edited 6/8/2017 10:58:47
Toxic team players: 6/8/2017 14:13:57

Level 57
Cool Story, Bro
Toxic team players: 6/8/2017 15:05:42

Venus Angelic
Level 56
Team players are often like that

If you want to see a change then you should level up and join a clan and find reliable clanmates to play with or try to make friends on warlight to play games with
Toxic team players: 6/8/2017 16:58:35

Clint Eastwood 
Level 59
^Like the FCC. And yes, this is FCC propaganda.
Toxic team players: 6/8/2017 17:36:57

Sherlock Holmes
Level 55
^^Like the GV. And yes, this is GV propaganda.
Toxic team players: 6/9/2017 18:22:51

Level 45
Well i do agree with people who are in clan are more reliable(good clans) than such players; but why to talk in that way for a game(not to mention his mistakes).
Toxic team players: 6/10/2017 00:36:13

Level 59
He didn;t even have brains to attack the 3 armies in partha(which i left there purposedly)

So basically, your teammate isnt very good at WL, which you complain about in public. And you were a dick, which he doesnt complain about in public.
Toxic team players: 6/11/2017 07:42:35

Level 45
Oh dear Min, do you even understand English/ see the game and comprehend things!? I clearly explained why i kept 3 armies still. If that is being a dick, who started being a dick there!?
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