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If you're completely appalled, then maybe ...: 6/16/2017 15:32:55

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60
... you are paying attention to the wrong things or are a hack.

Seriously, as much as people hate Trump, what has really changed in how you should live your life?

Let me preemptively knock a few off...

A traitor is in the White House: Um, no. Someone you don't like is in the White House. Please show me the evidence that Trump colluded with Russia to rig the election. Exactly. Trump hasn't even been in an investigation for this.

A person that is obstructing justice is in the White House: I refer you to the point above. Someone got fired by someone that has the authority to fire. Since the Constitution affords Trump the ability to pardon anyone for any reason, hoping that someone else that you just fired doesn't get charged with a crime that you can pardon... doesn't really add up to obstruction of Justice.

But TPP! If TPP was so important, shame on Obama for not making it a ratified treaty. Since we all know that Obama was infallible, he obviously didn't make a mistake by not ratifying the treaty, and thus, TPP wasn't really all that important to begin with.

But immigrants! They are called illegal immigrants for a reason. We've had a broken border for decades. Immigration falls directly under the duties of Congress. They need to fix it. There are laws in place, but weak executive action over the years have lead to a nearly open border. Allowing uncounted criminals to evade justice, and millions/billions of dollars of drugs and guns to come into the country.


(a) If you are concerned about all of the above now, but were not concerned before, Or
(b) If you were concerned about it then but are not now, then ...

you are a hack.

Obama obstructed justice throughout his administration, especially if we're using "hope" as the barometer for determining this. HRC email investigation, All black shootings by police, Fast and Furious, IRS as just a few examples. What's actually pretty egregious, Obama didn't have jurisdiction over a state's criminal justice system. Thus, him opining publicly about an active state criminal investigation should have been a bigger deal that it was at the time.

Connections with Russia? Reset Button, Uranium Deal, etc.

Immigration? Obama ruled by executive order, overruling Congresses duty to enact laws for immigration. You wonder why we are where we are now.

Global Warming: As mentioned above, Obama failed to do anything meaningful to help the climate, especially if you are considering TPP the be all end all of saving the world. But, invest millions of taxpayers dollars into a solar energy flop run by loyal insiders? Check in that box.

Business as usual is going on. Get on with your life.

May you have the grace to accept things you can't change.
May you have the courage to change things you can change.
May you have the knowledge to know the difference between them.

There's much more important things out there than putting bumper stickers on your car stating, "If you're completely appalled, then maybe your not paying attention," implying that everyone should be upset about something.

Go home Chicken Littles and hacks, quit stirring up hate. Get busy living, or get busy dying.
If you're completely appalled, then maybe ...: 6/16/2017 15:43:24

ZaZa The 🐧
Level 50
I'll die now.
If you're completely appalled, then maybe ...: 6/16/2017 17:38:40

Ivanka Trump
Level 17
Donald Trump is a flamboyant, narcissistic asshole!
If you're completely appalled, then maybe ...: 6/16/2017 18:21:31

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60
... that was duly elected by the nation, according to the Constitution.
If you're completely appalled, then maybe ...: 6/16/2017 18:22:55

Level 53
I agree with the general premise at least. We elected Trump, stop bitching and deal with him. I dont like him, but we have to deal with him.
If you're completely appalled, then maybe ...: 6/16/2017 18:27:28

Venus Angelic 
Level 56
I'm not a huge fan of Donald Trump myself, but he's really not that bad. I agree with some of his policies quite a lot. It's his character that I don't like although he's pretty darn funny. :P He's also far more moderate than his VP Mike Pence.

Edited 6/16/2017 18:29:27
If you're completely appalled, then maybe ...: 6/16/2017 21:49:02

Level 58
He wants to sacrifice the world's environment in order to perhaps create a few more coal jobs. I don't care if Obama was bad- that doesn't mean Trump's above criticism. He has a terrible environmental policy and that has to be called out. He's gone on record saying he doesn't believe in climate change, and however symbolic the Paris Accord was, what's also symbolic is Trump's willingness to run away from it at full speed. That's symbolic of someone who dgaf about the world's environment.

His policy on building a wall really is quite stupid. 20 foot wall- 21 foot ladder. 30 foot wall- 31 foot ladder. 40 foot wall- 41 foot ladder. He said "we'll make Mexico pay for it", and that isn't happening. He also can't seem to decide what price it is. He's at Diane Abbott levels of price-changing; I've heard the price be anything from 4 to 16 billion pounds in various speeches.

He also said he wanted to suspend all Muslim immigration. That was another broken promise, but his Travel Ban bill was perhaps even more stupid- of the 7 (now 6) countries, no immigrants from any of those countries have killed any people in America since 1975. Surely if he wants to target specific countries, the Gulf States and Egypt are a better target? They are the ones who are actually killing people.

This leads onto Trump's corruption- he has businesses operating in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. He even expanded them on the campaign trail, outsourcing jobs to them. So much for his protectionist rhetoric.

He wants to deport 11 million illegal immigrants, likely breaking up families and not solving the long term problem of the immigration. Perhaps helping solve the drug cartel problem Mexico has would eliminate the push factors that cause them to emigrate. There's a reason that there aren't 5 million illegal Poles living in Germany despite the clear difference in living standards- push factors outweigh pull factors when it comes to illegal immigration.

Okay, he wants to remove Obamacare. Good, it allowed Big Pharma to have a stranglehold on medicine anyway. Wait, he wants to make it worse? What a load of bullshit. Single payer works in every single developed country and Trump can't learn from other working systems. Thousands of people die in America because they can't get healthcare- that wouldn't happen if it was free.

He wants to lower tax on the richest in America because apparently it'll "trickle down". The rich have no incentive to create large amounts of new jobs, because creating new jobs is always a last resort for the rich. If they're rich, they likely want to maximise their earnings- employing another person isn't going to allow them to maximise their earnings. All that does is detracts from their earnings. What incentive does the rich man have to employ other people? None at all, and with more money, they'll either be sitting on their arses with it, or spending it on likewise, rich products, with none of it trickling down to small businesses.

He's cut practically all departments of the government except defence and vet care- sure, vet care's fine, but what about education? healthcare? pensions? benefits? the police? energy? And, as if America doesn't have a big enough "defence" budget already. He's already proven that he's only a little more dovish than Hillary, by dropping the fucking MOAB only a few months in office, and continuing to bomb Syria despite promises that he wouldn't.

He's also fickle as fuck. He changed his mind on North Korea and China based on a 10 minute conversation he had with Xi Jinping about their history. His opinions resembled Hollywood's when he lived there. His opinions resembled Bannon's on the campaign trail. His opinions resembled the establishment's while in office. This is why he's changed his mind so much- he just does what people tell him. That's weak leadership. You can find him on both sides of most issues, a lot like Hillary. His consistency is practically nonexistent.

He wanted to drain the swamp? Tell that to all the neocons and Goldman Sachs bigwigs in office right now. He's a joke.

Don't forget the fact that he's an all-around arrogant dick. He's pushed other world leaders, mocked disabled people, insulted people to levels that other leaders definitely wouldn't get away with. Don't forget what he said about John McCain as well.

He's also an active conspiracy theorist. Besides climate change, he was one of the main propagators of Obama being born in Kenya (as if it matters- Cruz was born in Canada). He also believes that 50%+ of the media is fake, yet endorses InfoWars.

He continues to fund the Saudis. That should be strike 1. Saudi Arabia promotes the most fundamentalist interpretation of Islam. Apparently all atheists are terrorists. *shrug*

In most countries, if you lose by 3 million votes then you wouldn't be elected as the leader of it. Supposedly the opinions of rural America should matter more than those in urban America because... reasons. Put the electoral college in any other western democracy and the people would be outraged, it's such a nonsensical system.

However, I'm not a fan of the Clintonites who

a) Think Russia messed with the election (they didn't)
b) Think that TPP was a sacred deal that needed to be kept (it was debatable at best, bad at worst)
c) Attack Trump based on racism/sexism/homophobia, and the like. I don't think he's going to disenfranchise specific ethnic groups, women or gays in the way Nixon did
d) Praise Obama as if he was amazing. He was another neoliberal that talked about change but didn't do all that much. He managed to create jobs and pass a pathetic affordable care act... and? Thankfully neoliberalism is on its last legs in most western countries.

He's not a good leader. He's quite frankly terrible. But don't create a caricature of what most leftists are attacking him based on. There are plenty better arguments than what you hear off of MSNBC, which is mainly just "Russia".

Edited 6/16/2017 21:55:05
If you're completely appalled, then maybe ...: 6/16/2017 22:03:37

Level 57
It's easy to make caricatures when the stupid leftists are the most vocal ones and the media parrots the same talking points.

Trump has a lot of valid flaws to attack, but for some reason we still have to manufacture nonsense.
If you're completely appalled, then maybe ...: 6/16/2017 23:10:04

Ivanka Trump
Level 17
I hate nationalists.
If you're completely appalled, then maybe ...: 6/17/2017 02:39:34

Castle Bravo
Level 56
There hasn't been a sovereign nation since 1945
If you're completely appalled, then maybe ...: 6/17/2017 05:48:01

Level 60
The main difference between Trump and Hillary is that one is dumb while the other is dirty. Personally, I've had enough of dirty, so I'd vote the dumb one if I were american.

That, and the fac even if he just overall fucks up the US somehow, it's a win for us down here. Woo-hoo.
If you're completely appalled, then maybe ...: 6/17/2017 13:34:54

Castle Bravo
Level 56
>Non-Western people
>ever having had Nations

Only economic and political entities that pay lip service to "a united people"
If you're completely appalled, then maybe ...: 6/17/2017 14:24:16

Level 56
Wait, Taggy, do you actually support Trump?
If you're completely appalled, then maybe ...: 6/17/2017 15:38:12

Castle Bravo
Level 56
you are referring to the state, not the nation. the nation is the idea of the people, and was in 20th century Europe based on language (the French, German, Italian people etc.) For example the Italian NATION wanted to go to war in 1915 and the state made this a political reality.

Every Western nation-state has been compromised; every Western state is controlled by foreigners and traitors.
If you're completely appalled, then maybe ...: 6/17/2017 16:17:29

Cata Cauda
Level 58
At first I thought this is a politics-post, but it's another shitfest centered around Trump. LMAO, you choosed that idiot, if you are not satisfied with your nation's choice, you should consider emmigrating.

Everytime I read about Trump, I laugh my ass off. Keep crying, it was YOUR choice.
If you're completely appalled, then maybe ...: 6/17/2017 16:45:21

Castle Bravo
Level 56
>leaving a country because of a slight policy change

and I mean slight policy change, honestly, what revolutionary action has Donald Trump taken? It's all yellow journalism and media hype that mobilizes the idiots dumb enough to trust those platforms.

Your idea of the state is degenerate and materialistic. The "Rational" view that one should abandon their history and homeland because of some policy change is cancer.
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