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Looking for active trustworthy co-leader.: 6/17/2017 00:47:39

Level 56
Hello everyone. I'm currently attempting to revive old clan Knights Templar from the ground, and bring it to prominence. KT was a very social clan that I created in late 2014 very early in my WL career following my exit from Maximus Trolitis. We were a clan with an active Skype Group and we frequently played team real time games with each other, especially on maps like Rise of Rome.

I am writing this thread because I am looking for another person who is willing to help myself and NinjaStormNS bring life back into KT, and I myself work with other clans (such as Glorious Vipers) so I don't have all the time to spend on KT alone, but I really want to see it return back to being an active clan. A clan that appreciates skill, but will value social interaction, activity, respect and commitment much more but still looking to build a clan full of respectable players skill wise too (in the long run).

If anyone is interested in helping us shape KT into a great clan, please visit our discord server and communicate with me or Ninja.

Link to discord server:

Send me a message here or there if you would like to discuss plans.

Edited 6/17/2017 02:46:48
Looking for active trustworthy co-leader.: 6/17/2017 01:40:23

Level 56
I for one would certainly love to see KT grow back to what it used to be before!
Looking for active trustworthy co-leader.: 6/17/2017 07:12:25

Level 33
What exactly you look for in co-leader?
Looking for active trustworthy co-leader.: 6/17/2017 10:16:36

Level 55
wow another pichu project
Looking for active trustworthy co-leader.: 6/17/2017 17:00:45

Level 56
"What exactly you look for in co-leader?"

Someone who can help recruit and potentially help lead. I recruit for Glorious Vipers so I can't focus 100% of my attention on helping Knights Templar. Our recruiting standards are very light and simple. We are looking for players who are active and interested in joining us above all else. We're about having fun and playing together.

"wow another pichu project"

This was the first clan I ever made way before NWO and GV. I just want to get this clan active again and I want its discord chat to be reasonably active also.
Looking for active trustworthy co-leader.: 6/17/2017 18:45:51

Level 52
I am terribly inactive, always busy playing anime games.

I am pretty hard to trust, because the only people I am faithful to are animated women.

I find it pretty hard to maintain equal power or remain subordinate, I always try to stage a coup and take over the government for myself.

That is why I would be the perfect co-leader. :D
Looking for active trustworthy co-leader.: 6/18/2017 09:30:45

Level 33
Are you looking for these in co-leader:

i) Skill(probably ladder rank or rating),
ii) Level,
iii) Main or alt,
iv) Experience in leading clan,
v) Any other specifics.
Posts 1 - 7 of 7   

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