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Single player maps under the "Play" tab: 6/17/2017 17:57:04

Level 55
This thread is for anyone who needs advice on how to beat certain single player levels. I have beaten every one up to Luck be a lady and could use help if anyone knows how to beat Caesar's Challenge. If anyone needs help on beating any level up to Luck Be a Lady, please don't hesitate to ask.
Single player maps under the "Play" tab: 6/25/2017 14:05:39

Level 27
You might want to rename the thread title.

Read all previous Caesar's Challenge threads.

I've uploaded 3 videos on this to youtube. Check them out.

Look for jzaudax's video too, her advice is excellent.

Jez has a unique spin on it, watch his video too.

Basically you need to cross the black sea by turn 16/17. You should also have taken or nearly taken Spain and Italy. After you cross the black sea, spread out to break as many bonuses as you can.

Almost every turn you should be advancing to South East where the Partha commander should be.

Contain the boss at all times.

Is there anything specific you're having trouble with? I've beaten the level many times to the point it's quite easy for me now.

Edited 6/26/2017 16:34:17
Single player maps under the "Play" tab: 6/26/2017 15:20:44

Level 55
Look for jzaudax's video too, his advice is excellent.

Should change that to her instead of his. I know it sounds strange but there are some females active in the community as well and that is one of the best examples you can give.
Single player maps under the "Play" tab: 6/26/2017 16:34:41

Level 27
Thanks. Changed it.
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