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CL10 CLOT Testing: 6/25/2017 16:03:35

Master of the Dead 
Level 63
I'm looking for 3 more clans to help me test the CL10 CLOT. I'll simulate a season of CL to see that all features are working as they should. The CLOT is still a work in progress. We'll test certain functions and then take a break, so I can develop the remaining pieces.

This test will have two groups of 5 and 4 clans respectively. It will contain two 1v1, one 2v2, one 3v3.

You will have to play a max of 5 or 10 games. You can also instant surrender these games, although I'd like some of them to take time, so I can see if the CLOT checks for game status correctly.

Specifically my requirements are:
1. Be active and use Skype every day. (Only the leader needs to be on Skype)
2. Read instructions carefully and follow deadlines for each stage.
3. Use the CLOT and find bugs. Report them to me.
4. Each clan needs 3 accounts(one can be the leader) in that clan that can join games they are invited to(i.e your roster must have at least 3 unique players). These must all be in your clan(alt or not)

If you are interested, ping me on Skype. If you don't have me as a contact, PM me on WL or ask any one of Beren, AwesomeGuy, Min34, Master QB or Platinum to add you to the group.

CL10 CLOT Testing: 6/26/2017 04:27:35

Level 60
I can maybe help later this week, just got back from vacation. Will you give updates here if you find your 3 or not?
CL10 CLOT Testing: 6/26/2017 15:25:27

Master of the Dead 
Level 63
I found the necessary testers. More people can always help as well. Reach out whenever you get time.
CL10 CLOT Testing: 7/1/2017 18:28:40

Level 60
This CLOT is so beautiful <3
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