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Searching for a decent clan: 7/17/2017 13:23:40

Level 34
I want a to join a clan to do 2v2 3v3 4v4 and Diplos with, plus anything else.

Loyal, i have a mic and i could prolly beat yew XD XD XD XD But im willing to learn more about this game, Only have been playing for about 2-3 months

im active and mainly in diplos but i love a good game

Ps-Get on my level noob c;

Edited 7/17/2017 13:27:08
Searching for a decent clan: 7/17/2017 13:47:12

Zack Fair
Level 58
Apply to corp or FCC. Those are the only two diplo/rp/team game clans I know.

Edit: probably need to get your bootrate down before you are accepted into any halfway decent clan.

Edited 7/17/2017 13:49:46
Searching for a decent clan: 7/17/2017 15:19:02

Pat the Bunny
Level 27
Doesn't your second sentence contradict your first sentence.
Searching for a decent clan: 7/17/2017 19:14:29

Level 60
He doesn't. CORP and FCC are obviously pretty shitty clans tbf.
Searching for a decent clan: 7/18/2017 02:10:11

Level 58
FCC caps most recruits at 15%. We do make an exception for non strategic members though, particularly diplo. But considering finding committed diplo players is hard now, that's easy to see why.
Maps division gets boot rate wavered for the most part.

Also onoma, why makes our clan shit? That's rather subjective if you ask me.
Searching for a decent clan: 7/18/2017 02:37:19

It is Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon
Level 5
Why're you in CORP if it is shitty clan tbf?
Searching for a decent clan: 7/18/2017 21:59:01

Level 60
I thought the irony in my post is obvious, considering I am a leader of CORP. ;P

But yeah working on a bootrate is recommended, although 15-20% is still acceptable for the diplo part of CORP I think.

Edited 7/18/2017 21:59:10
Searching for a decent clan: 7/19/2017 00:44:23

Level 59
Interesting, you guys have different bootrate policies depending on the section of the clan
Searching for a decent clan: 7/19/2017 01:15:24

Level 59
I recommend the off-topic forum.
Searching for a decent clan: 7/19/2017 01:21:54

Level 59
I agree! All in favor of puting platinum in the off-topic say aye.
Searching for a decent clan: 7/19/2017 01:30:38

Level 54
Mongols Clan sounds perfect for you. Join now!
Searching for a decent clan: 7/21/2017 18:13:44

Level 34
How do i join a clan XD
Searching for a decent clan: 7/21/2017 18:38:44

Level 54
You don't join. You're invited. You gotta be really cool to get invited.
Searching for a decent clan: 7/22/2017 16:44:04

Level 61
Invite me to Mongols BB I want to call you a cuck on your own clan forum and you'll beg me to do it.

Edited 7/22/2017 16:44:31
Searching for a decent clan: 7/22/2017 17:03:39

Level 60
I have to warn you about the clan "Mongols". Genghis is a well known troll and insults other players and clans in the Forum.
Searching for a decent clan: 7/22/2017 22:56:22

Level 54
Sorry Rikku. No cucks here. Only cool guys.
Searching for a decent clan: 8/9/2017 21:48:48

Level 34
lemme get a inv, or am i too cool for you catz
Searching for a decent clan: 8/10/2017 18:19:59

Cao Cao
Level 51
I don't know what to suggest besides Mongols or CORP,my clan is based on Diplomacy and Roleplay,but that's the only thing my clan does
If you are fine with just Diplo then send a mail to {N.W.} THIRD REICH
Besides that I would suggest Mongols ( or CORP (
Edit:Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is also recommendable

Edited 8/10/2017 18:27:46
Searching for a decent clan: 8/19/2017 09:14:14

Erich Honecker
Level 41
Let's first make an introduction of our clan. Our clan is founded by domogoto201 ( AKA Domogoto the first or the Anastorian Emperor ).

1.We are very active and close knitted clan. We do not believe in creating factions between ourselves and protect each other when in need.

2.Genres of the type of WarLight games we play
1.Diplomacy (Most of the Time)
2.FFA (Occasionally)
3.Role Play (Rarely)
4. The list goes on here are just the three main games we touch on as a clan.

3. Do you have what it takes to become a Imperial Dynasty member?

Min Requirements:
1. Level 15 and above
2. Boot rate less or at 35%
3. Active at least once a week

Certain attitudes that we look for in our members:
1. Refrain from swearing too often
2. Maintain dapper
3. Respect everyone no matter what their views are
4. Communicate with each other often (friendly)

Certain things you can do when your application is accepted (Optional but highly recommended)
1. Tell us your KIk username ( Why? We will add you to our group chat so we can communicate with ease)
2. Create interesting scenarios for our clan to play as a game.

Ranks: You will start off from the bottom and you will be promoted in view of your various contributions and deeds to the clan.
Freedom of Speech: You have it here talk it out politely.

Here's the link to our clan page

Private Message Me or Domogoto201
If you are interested and have what it takes to be a loyal courtier of the Emperor.

Rev1. Recruitment Document.

Edited 5/20/2017 21:39:07
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