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Connecting non-contiguous territories: 8/5/2017 06:13:13

Level 6
I know it may not be a good idea in general to allow attacks (connections) between two non-contiguous territories. My map specifically has "forts" that have historical context for it to be justified to allow them to attack a territory that is not contiguous but is close enough.
Although I know there is nothing to stop me from making the connection, there are two issues.
one - the yellow standard connection lines one is supposed to make? They don't show up in the uploaded svg file
two - if there is some convention or do's and dont's about the whole connecting non contiguous territories, I would like to follow that to be a good map maker.
Connecting non-contiguous territories: 8/5/2017 11:06:21

Level 53
The yellow lines don't show up in wl because territories are always on top of paths

If you want to make some kind of strange connections, you should set a rule for it and be consistent with it throughout the entire map.
Example:Fort territories connect to all adjacent territories and all the the territories their adjacent ones connect to.
Connecting non-contiguous territories: 8/6/2017 04:03:46

Level 6
Great. Thanks for the reply. I am assuming you meant that it is all right to make such connections as long as one is consistent. But regardless of that, the paths will never show. There is no way to do it.
This makes the map inconsistent with the good map criteria but then you live with that. Is that correct?
Thanks again.
Connecting non-contiguous territories: 8/6/2017 04:42:47

Level 59
You can convert the line in a object "ctrl + shift + C" and use this to cut the territory that the line cross. Preferably the line must have 2px and preferably a dotted line

Edited 8/6/2017 04:44:56
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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