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Should Taggy be banned: 8/24/2017 18:29:48

Level 56
He has broken Warlight's rules many times
Should Taggy be banned: 8/24/2017 19:58:41

Level 62
I've recommended warnings and suspensions to that player several times.
Just need to wait for the appropriate moments.
Should Taggy be banned: 8/24/2017 20:03:41

Level 56
Have you ever done that to me?
Should Taggy be banned: 8/25/2017 07:02:45

Level 60
If we're being real here, everyone that 'argues' with that kid enables him. To me it's obvious that he has a legitimate mental illness, and by humoring him it's not helping. There are plenty of other forums and (racist) subreddits he could go to have 'rational' debates with people that are obesssive like him but he chooses to stay here. I'm sure some of it has to do with the lax mods and fizzer having much better things to do than babysit meow kampf, and I'm sure he enjoys (to some degree) the actual game that these forums are meant to service. But I mostly believe he stays here because he's a sad, lonely kid who found this game and it's tiny community and forums he can be a 'major voice' in by churning out endless threads. This is a kid who's mental illness makes him obsessive over 'superior' people with high IQs and (white) civilizations. I mean as soon as he let slip that 'no girl would ever like him' it was made clear to me that he's a self loathing kid, but the kind of loner that's the short sighted know-it-all type that can 'prove' he doesn't need a girl anyway; that all things he lacks are unnecessary. He throws around 'facts' easily because he either knows no one else cares as much to back up their shitpost, or because his mental illness induced obsession leads him to believe he knows everything about a topic he researches, (and I believe the latter.)

Furthermore everyone else that responds to him only validates his obsession. If there are people that legitimately want him to leave, they shouldn't respond to his vitriol. I get that making fun of him is easy (really really easy,) but you can't then also demand he leave.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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