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Slovenia Map: 1/14/2012 15:46:22

Level 3
As some of you might have noticed, I'm working on a [map of Slovenia](

I am currently busy finding the best possible bonus values. I'll try and balance the bonus value per territory as well as possible.
There are four layers of bonuses:

+ Meta-bonuses (big bonus links -- loosely based on the cohesion groups)
+ Greater regions (some small *regije* grouped together)
+ Regions (the coloured bonuses; if these aren't accurate, please notify me)
+ Sub-regions (I made up these divisions)

If you find any missing connections, incorrectly named municipalities, bonus misdivisions or any other mapping misprint, do tell me in this topic.
Slovenia Map: 1/14/2012 22:51:55

Level 3
In case anyone wants to know how I got to my bonus values, this is my motivation:

Well, the previous bonus values didn't work. It used Bytjie's formula:

|> ***Value = A/2 + B/4***

|> (in which **A** is *a bonus' territories* and **B** is *that bonus' territories bordering other bonuses*)

That's a simple formula that makes a bonus worth between 0.5 and 0.75 times its size, depending on its shape, which makes a map reasonably balanced. I used that formula for nearly all regular bonuses on *The Netherlands Map*, which works pretty well, methinks.
However, that only works when all territories are allotted to an equal amount of bonuses, like on *Earth*, *Europe* (1), and *The Netherlands* (2). On my map, some territories are part of 2 bonuses while some are part of 3. Using the A2-B4 formula would make the latter territory +/- 1.5 times more valuable than the former, depending on its bonus' shape.

I needed my bonus formula to take into account the bonus division and bring me a balanced territory value (bonus value per territory).
So what I did was taking a bonus with **A** territories for which I wanted **Vt** armies per territory in the bonus, so that I'd get a *total bonus value*.
Because some bonuses have bonuses within them, I needed to subtract **V-internal**, the value of the bonuses within this bonus, from the total value

|> **V-total = A \* Vt**
|> **Value = V-total - V-internal**

**Vt** is of course not the same for all layers, otherwise the meta-bonuses should have no value at all, not considering rounding-off issues, which could even make them have a negative value.

Instead, I have three layers of bonuses:

1. The meta-bonuses.
2. The "independent" regions and the greater regions.
3. The regions that are part of greater regions and the sub-regions.

Because the territories in the middle are harder to maintain than the corners, the centre regions are worth more than those in the far east. This should actually make the map more balanced, be it through a mathematical imbalance.

For the lowest layer, the third, Ljubljana is the centre of attention, it's worth 1 army, so **Vt** = 1. As the bonuses get further away from the capital city, their value decreases: the ultimate frontier of Slovenia, Eastern Mura, is only worth about 0,58 armies per territory.


I'll continue this post later, probably tomorrow.
Slovenia Map: 4/20/2012 17:41:27

Level 3
Well, everyone, the map of Slovenia is now (pending) public!

I hope you all will like it. I'd like to encourage you to experiment with the bonus values, because I'm still uncertain about those.

Happy warmongering!
Slovenia Map: 4/20/2012 18:04:58

Level 49
Slovenia Map: 4/20/2012 18:28:15

Level 3
Seeking war, wanting war, it's what you say about the enemy when you're in a war.
Slovenia Map: 4/22/2012 22:38:02

Level 45
Did Slovenia not get approved? :(

There's a bunch of new maps up but Slovenia isn't amongst them...
Slovenia Map: 4/25/2012 16:59:21

Level 3
Well, I've had to enlarge the map because of army number not fitting into the territories, but now the map is playable! Have fun, everyone.
Slovenia Map: 5/5/2012 12:56:54

Level 3
Version 1.1 is now pending public. The only thing I've changed is a faulty connection in Podravska, but since I'd just submitted the Netherlands 1.4, I thought I might as well submit this one, too.
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