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Falkland Islands Map: 2/8/2014 03:24:02

Arc Light
Level 53
Hello. I am planning on making a map on the Falklands islands(or Islas Malvinas), but more specifically, for the War fought over the Islands in 1982. I think this could make an interesting team game map, with one team starting out on the British side, another on the Argentine side. But the question for me is, how much do I draw? I don't think I want to draw just the Falklands, because there was more part of the conflict than just the Falklands. I was also going to possibly draw a little ship logo or battle logo for everywhere there was a battle or ship sunk.
So my options are to either include 1) just the Islands under dispute/attack, 2) Argentina and all British southern Atlantic possessions, 3) Britain (in a square that indicates its overseas) and Argentina, but a small size for the whole of each country, like one bonus, or 4) Britain and Argentina included, with a couple of minor bonuses and superbonuses for their country.

I am not exactly sure which to do, but if I include both Britain and Argentina, and make the a considerable size, maybe I could get 150 territories.
Falkland Islands Map: 2/9/2014 10:17:30

Belgian Gentleman
Level 55
you're British?
Falkland Islands Map: 2/9/2014 23:54:25

Arc Light
Level 53
Falkland Islands Map: 2/10/2014 01:21:20

Level 57
This would be a great "capture the flag" kind of map. There are a few maps that follow the same idea on WarLight, but this would be an ideal situation since you're centering this around the 1982 Falkland War.

I think you should focus on just the islands and if you want to represent Argentina and Britain, do so in the form of naval shaped bonuses on the west and northeast sides of the map. This could make for a good LD setting as well.
Falkland Islands Map: 2/10/2014 03:21:47

Arc Light
Level 53
Yes Hauptmann, you are correct.

I didn't get much responses, so I kind of brainstormed the whole idea myself.

The map will actually contain Britain and Argentina, each about 20-30 territories, but The Falklands Islands will be about 75-150 territories. St. George, Ascension Island (It was the RAF Airbase), and Thule Island will also be included, but each have only a few territories. The concept will be a sort of race to capture the Falklands, and once a player captures the Falklands, the tide will rapidly turn in favor of the player, and after that it should be a simple road to victory for the player that possesses the Island.

The map will actually borrow some ideas from other maps. Uninhabited land on the Falkland will be divided up into 10km squares (except the coast, of course), but there will also be paths/roads through towns, which will make traveling the islands easier, and have a bonus if a whole road is captured. Certain settlements, fortifications, and mountains will also present strategic bonuses. The Argentine side will likely have a quicker route to the island, in event of a 1v1, but the British should also be able to combat this with a homeland that has a higher super bonus and more individual bonuses.

Still, I am probably going to need to do some balance testing before I release the map.

The map should be good for 1v1s and a team match, and there will be distribution modes for each player to start in a certain spot where another player on the opposite team could have an equal chance of expansion.

I know its a little bit hard to understand, and I would show the map, but ironically I have finished all but the centerpiece: The Falklands.
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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