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Map Making Question: Technique: 2/4/2012 18:44:53

Level 54
So, I've recently started making maps. The Periodic Table one is definitely my favorite, and was very easy to draw. After all, it was rows and columns. However, my goal is to make a nice big map of the Roman Empire, with different boundaries then the ones that already exist. However, I reach a problem when I go to draw the bonuses. Drawing that double line between them is where I fail miserably.

I've noticed on other maps, such as New York Big, Europa Barbarorum, and most other maps, their bonuses are all divided by a black line, a really tiny, really small, black line, creating the double line effect. And the black line stays the same width throughout the whole map. How do you do this?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if I'm being a bother. I checked the wiki, and didn't see the answer there. It would probably be worth adding this info to the wiki.
Map Making Question: Technique: 2/5/2012 18:34:28

Level 54
Map Making Question: Technique: 2/5/2012 18:53:48

Level 55
Yep, Im interested as well :)
Map Making Question: Technique: 2/5/2012 19:16:39

Matma Rex 
Level 3
Well, you could just carefully draw it all this way.

You could also be lazy and just shrink all territories using Inkscape's Path -> Inset function, but this will generate similar gaps between territories of the same bonus.

You could be a little less lazy and first draw the entire bonuses, then shrink them, and then subdivide them into territories (using Path -> Division). This requires you to know beforehand what are you going to draw, though.

You could also try being clever. If you already have a map where all territories overlap each other's borders, and you want to separate border of a certain pair, you could do this:
* copy first one, paste it in the same place (Ctrl-Alt-V), convert it's stroke to path (Path -> Stroke to Path)
* do the same to the second one
* select first object and outline of the second, use Path -> Difference
* select second object and outline of the first, do the same
* the border should now no longer overlap, just touch

This still requires some clicking, but it's all "automatic" work, you could probably whip up some script to do it for you.

(Note: I'm assuming Inkscape above, you could probably do the same operations in any half-decent vector graphics editor.)
Map Making Question: Technique: 2/7/2012 02:03:56

Level 54
How do you do it Matma Rex? I really stink when it comes to the tracing.... I try and try again, and constantly fail.
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