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Two Hypocritical Idiots -- mjeichinger & archimedesandrews: 2/12/2012 21:12:36

Level 13
Here's some context.
I go into a game with my bud, [SILVERTIDE] ILIKEPOPTART; a 4 player free-for-all on the small US. The two mentioned players automatically assume we're teams, and I harshly explain that he shouldn't make assumptions like that. Just for reference, we aren't actually on a team by the way.

There is a lot more that happens inbetween, but before me and ILIKEPOPTART even meet eachother, they decide to team up "because it was their only choice". Throughout the game, they did nothing but not refute any of claims, be idiotic, and act childish.

At one point, somebody called me ignorant for criticizing someone's poor word choice. He claimed that he didn't know English. Funny how somebody calla me ignorant when they don't even bother to ask if the aforementioned person doesn't even speak English.

Yes, I realize this is useless bickering but I needed to let out my anger somewhere. Read the game for yourself and make your own judgements. I've been playing for a while, and I'll tell you from my perspective these are two people you wouldn't want to play with.

The Game:
Two Hypocritical Idiots -- mjeichinger & archimedesandrews: 2/12/2012 21:24:19

Level 25
It may be my own bias, but it appears you and brown were teaming, even for a short while. Your Michigan/Illinois borders had 1's on them for several turns, and orange easily could of attacked you and turned the game in his favor. I don't know if you were actually teaming so don't go all rage on me bro.

Besides that I don't blacklist people, even quadaffi, so peace out.
Two Hypocritical Idiots -- mjeichinger & archimedesandrews: 2/12/2012 21:25:32

Level 25
There needs to be a edit feature...

Mistake: I mean't you could of easily attacked brown to turn the game in your favor.

Two Hypocritical Idiots -- mjeichinger & archimedesandrews: 2/12/2012 21:47:34

Level 13
I totally see what you mean, it's not bias at all. Actually just figured if I provoked him he'd start attacking me, but like said, I see what you're talking about.
Two Hypocritical Idiots -- mjeichinger & archimedesandrews: 2/12/2012 21:50:37

Level 55
maybe you shouldnt put that tag in front of your name if theres only two of you and you know each other. i dont know what you expect people to think.
Two Hypocritical Idiots -- mjeichinger & archimedesandrews: 2/12/2012 21:59:24

Level 13
I see what you mean. I can change it again when 2/20 hits. By the way, this thread can be deleted in all honesty. I was under major frustration at the time. But alas, if people still want to talk about then by all means it's ok.
Two Hypocritical Idiots -- mjeichinger & archimedesandrews: 2/12/2012 22:43:31

Level 45
Turn 15, start of turn Indiana has 4 armies. Poptart's first and second order move all armies in Michigan and Indiana *away* from his front line with you. Your third order is an attack with two armies into (what you could only have assumed would be *at least*) four defenders.

Turn 16, you take Michigan with two armies; you seemed pretty sure Poptart would not reinforce his single defender there. He basically *gave* you the East bonus on a platter. Same turn he moves his armies which came out of Indiana the previous turn further "around Kentucky", to reinforce his already strong front against mjeichinger, leaving his front with you completely undefended.

Turn 18, Poptart does indeed attack you, but (except coming from two different players), it has all the characteristics of a double-pronged attack.

Turn 19, Poptart does *not* attack your East bonus. During this turn, mjeichinger is eliminated, leaving only the two of you.

Turn 20, *now* all of a sudden Poptart attacks your East bonus (and goes on to make short work of you, winning the game).


Considering chat:

In theory you could give archimedesandrews a slap on the wrist for using the word "crap", but considering your choice of language, I think we can forgive him that slight abuse.

When he complains about you and Poptart working together (granted, not a very logical *conclusion*, but still a valid *concern*) you could've answered "If we were going to team up, don't you think we would use slightly less obvious names?". Instead, you instantly start calling him names (Poptart ridicules him, but at least doesn't get offensive). Also, your statement "we're on the opposite side of the map" has two problems. First, even if you're really not working together, it sure sounds very suspicious. Secondly, how do you expect your opponent to be able to know / verify that...?

In turn 12 you say "Even after I've explained, you continue to insult me.". Another two problems. You never actually *explained*, you made assertions, expecting your opponents to believe you without a shred of verifiable evidence. There's this saying involving a pot and a kettle, how did it go again...?


I cannot know whether you went into this game intending to team up with Poptart, but you sure as hell *ended up* doing exactly that. Also, while I appreciate all being fair in love and war, your behaviour in chat was unnecessary. I'm not saying all the blame for this game deteriorating is on you, but I am saying, in my opinion, you're getting more than your fair share of it.
Two Hypocritical Idiots -- mjeichinger & archimedesandrews: 2/13/2012 13:30:52

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
You said that you do not work together, but when a played you in a 2v2v2v2 game (, you said that you were in a team. You said that your team was a group of prestige players. All the other players (including me) openly ganged up on you and destroyed you and heckled you as your 'team-mate' had rubbish stats. You both quit. Also, you were working together as you had invited Poptart to be on you're team, so you could only be on the same team.
Two Hypocritical Idiots -- mjeichinger & archimedesandrews: 2/13/2012 14:33:51

Level 50
how writing and reading forums not having a life i am so angry (also interesting chat stereotype of clans)
Two Hypocritical Idiots -- mjeichinger & archimedesandrews: 2/13/2012 15:10:30

Rainbow Dash (Kurtis)
Level 3
you know swearing at other people is against the rules
Two Hypocritical Idiots -- mjeichinger & archimedesandrews: 2/13/2012 22:32:25

J Russell Mikkelsen 
Level 4
Listen, bro. These bros are totally cool bros. All you bros are just jealous of their brosomeness.
Stop broing on their bro, bro. Bro!
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