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Lesson Learnt!: 2/13/2012 20:26:01

Level 54
Just a bit of advice.

If your team mate has to go on turn 3, and you vote but the opponents wont vote, and you decide to play on (and beat them anyways) remember to un-vote to end!


cheeky scamps!
Lesson Learnt!: 2/13/2012 20:42:11

Level 11
Happens ;) still could be worse - like you are surrending and they dont accept till AI replace them ;)
Lesson Learnt!: 2/13/2012 22:01:50

Luke The Gravedigger 
Level 55
Guys, how to make the link to the game? I'd love to show you my game.........
But i can only get this:

I cant see, the specific link.. how to do it?
Lesson Learnt!: 2/13/2012 22:09:25

Ace Windu 
Level 56
The game-specific URL is in the settings panel of that particular game.
Lesson Learnt!: 2/13/2012 22:23:49

Luke The Gravedigger 
Level 55
Thanks a lot Ace!

Ok, so guys check this.....

i think i dont have to tell you how i hate the guy, who realised that he/she can still vote to end and did it..

There was a stupid vote to end at the beginning.. And I voted, cause I usually do when some ppl feel uncomfortable with something or sth like that..
But ppl wanted to play it, so i was forced to play, but forgotten to unvote.. ;/

The worst thing is that i dont know who voted as last one.. so i dont know who to BL..
Is there any chance to get to know who voted as last one?
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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