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Moscow map testing: 2/17/2012 09:34:48

Level 52
Hi everybody!
I have made the map of Moscow and tested it with AIs, seems like everything is OK.
4 AIs plays alone for 20+ turns before some of them wins, so I think there is some balance on the map.
If you notice any errors or deficiencies - tell me please!
Moscow map testing: 2/17/2012 10:39:42

Level 12
Personally, I prefer to see the bonus links actually in the bonuses, rather than outside the map. If you put only the large bonus links outside the map and made them all the same color (since the color doesn't show on the territories, only the link) it would make the map look better and easier to use.

There are also MANY places like Brateevo/North Orekhovo-Borisovo and the intersection of Center/South Severniy/South Severo-Vostochniy that are really difficult to see which territories will connect. Usually you don't connect the territories diagonally, but a few times you do. That's pretty confusing when you actually play.

The connection from Perovo to Lefortovo is missing. So are the connections from Izmaylovo to Izmaylovo park and Izmaylovo to North Izmaylovo.

These are just the things I found in a minute or two of clicking around the preview. I would suggest you set up some test games and have some humans help check the map. I think the places where 4 or more territories meet are a big problem at the moment.
You can find some people to help you here:

Hopefully you'll take that all as constructive criticism. :-) Good luck!
Moscow map testing: 2/17/2012 10:47:23

Level 48
izmaylovo is missing connection with north izmalovo and iz. park
perovo is missing link with lefortovo
also: yakimanka to gaga-something

begovoy should NOT connect to butirskiy

sometimes there is a connection between those only touching by corner, sometimes not, it's better to be consistent, one way or the other.
Moscow map testing: 2/17/2012 18:10:34

Level 52
Thank you for helping!
I tried to correct all bad things that you found.
There are no diagonal connections now and I have changed borders somewhere to make connections more visible.
Please tell me how to set up a test game and have some humans to play?
Moscow map testing: 2/17/2012 18:44:30

Level 49
I can test! It looks great! I don't agree with Muppet's super-bonus suggestion of making them all the same color, I think they should be the color that returns in the sub-bonus colors. For example, by making Zapadniy bonus blueish purple, Yuzhniy Green, and so on.

And you can simply set up a test game by setting the mode to Testing, go to the multi-player screen, create a game, but then select the "Your Testing Games" option from the same list that holds the options "Feautered Maps", "Real World Maps" et cetera.
Then you set the settings and stuff, and then once you get to the player selection page, you cannot add open seats :( That's why you first must add everyone you want to test with to your invite list, so you can invite them to the game.
Moscow map testing: 2/18/2012 03:31:11

Level 12
Wow, looks much better now. Moros is right, I agree that you can make them any color now that it's obvious they are super-bonuses.
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